Teach Like A Pirate Book Study

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Teach Like A Pirate South Brunswick

TEACH LIKE A PIRATE, written by Dave Burgess - Teacher, Author, Presenter & Pirate!!

SIGN UP BY JANUARY 25th! We will spend the first week packing our bags or getting to know each other. Then, the ship sets sail on February 1st and concludes with a meet up at the PD Day on March 14th!* (Or, for those of you who will also join the twitter conversation, a "TWEET-UP"! <-- I've always wanted to say that!)

*Please note: You can participate in the book study and not join the meet-up on 3/14. It is your choice!


  1. This book study is VOLUNTARY (and hopefully fun!!). You are in no way required to read this book, but if you participate you may count this study as 5.5 PD hours by registering on PDX.
  2. There will be discussion questions during the study. Your answers and comments will be the accountability for your PD hours. All you have to do is leave a comment/post with your thoughts about the topic. (I will award hours based on weekly participation.)
  3. To quote my grandmother, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Let's not be disrespectful or rude to each other. We have to feel safe to learn and express our views without judgement. If so, you may have to walk the plank! :)
  4. HAVE FUN! This book is all about how to become a better, more energetic, more joyful, more passionate educator. Some parts may resonate more with you than others and that is perfectly fine! Take what pieces of information work for you and use them. The rest, you can toss overboard!

COURSE NAME: Teach Like A Pirate Book Study


Books can be borrowed from the PD Office. Contact Sue Davis and Jennifer Diszler for a copy ASAP! There are a limited amount of texts, so get yours soon.

OR, if you are like me and you need you very own copy, you can purchase your own copy. Here is a link to AMAZON, however you can purchase the book from anywhere you would like. http://amzn.to/1exyGyL

*Please note: Barnes & Noble does not have the book in stock at stores. :(

AHOY!! YOUR SHIP'S CAPTAIN --> Bonnie Capes, Cambridge School's Lead Learner

AGRRRRRR you ready??? Guaranteed to be fun!

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