Short-Tailed Chinchilla

South And Central America


The Short-Tailed Chinchilla is a mammal and is scientifically called the Chinchilla Chinchilla (previously Chinchilla Brevicaudata). It is twelve to thirteen inches long, and weigh 17.6 ~ 28.2 pounds. The females are commonly larger than the males, and weigh more. The average life span of a Short-Tailed Chinchilla is about ten years in the wild, and no more than 20 years in captivity. They have dark fur, which plays an important role in survival. (EDGE)


Over years, the Short-Tailed Chinchilla has learned and adapted to the environment it is located in. For example, if located in the savanna, they learned to use the morning dew as a water supply. Also, their short dark fur, often grey, acts as a camouflage, since they hide between rocks. They often live in colonies, which is rare, due to the lack of the animal. (EDGE)


Short-Tailed Chinchillas wildly live in Peru, Bolivia and Chile of South America. They prefer tropical weather, mountain grasslands, but can survive in the savanna. Their homes are dens, crevices, and holes among rocks. (EDGE)


The Chinchilla Brevicaudata feeds on plants and insects. It is intelligent enough to stay close to it's home incase of an emergency, and usually hunts at night. (EDGE)


All information in conservation is (EDGE).

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