November Newsletter



November is a time for us to remember all the men and women who have fought and continue to help ensure our safety in this country. We need to be grateful for the blessings and opportunities we have in this great country, province and in this wonderful city. If everyone would stay focused on the positive and demonstrate kindness to each other, there would be no more violence in our world.

This month we are having student lead conferences. The students love having the opportunity to show you what they have learnt so far this year. We hope you will join us on either November 20th or 21st to see all the wonderful things happening in your child’s classroom.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of our school community council. They have been very busy this year planning ways to raise money to pay back the loan taken to build a new playground for the school, organizing a lunch of the month and organizing our Halloween dance. These women are very dedicated to making Holy Family school a great place for our children. Thank you!

Dates to Remember

Monday, November 11 is Remembrance Day- No classes

Wednesday, November 20 and Thursday, November 21 - Student Led Conferences 4:30-7:30

Wednesday, November 20 and Thursday, November 21 - Book Fair

Friday, November 22 - No classes- Teacher Planning Day.

Wednesday, November 27- Early dismissal at 1:55

Thursday, November 28 at 6:30 Sacramental prep meeting at St. Joseph


This month we host our Student-Led Conferences which is an exciting time for students to show you their hard work that they are proud of. It is also a time for your family to discuss goals for the next term until the March Conferences. PLEASE make sure you are able to attend one of these nights.

Our school uses Power School to enter all marks into. Without paper report cards, it is up to you to be checking your child's progress on an ongoing basis. All families were sent home passwords and log in information. If you need assistance, please watch the following video . You can also find an app on your device to make access to marks even easier to find on a daily basis. Please note: the parent portal is only available for students in Grade 2 and above.

I hope you all enjoy the extra long Remembrance Day weekend with your families! See you at Conferences!


Please make arrangements to pay your child's school fees at the office. We would like to thank those parents who have already paid their fees. Please make cheques payable to Holy Family School. Thanks you for your cooperation in this matter.

Gr. K-3 = $30

Gr. 4-6 =$35

Gr. 7= $40

This is the only fees that are owed and cover all of the school supplies for each grade level.

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November Message 2019

During the month of November, the Catholic Church celebrate the Feast of All Saints and All Souls.

All Saints, the Church triumphant, is celebrated every year by the Roman Catholic Church. It is recorded in the early fourth-century. But it did not get cemented until the early seventh century under Pope Boniface IV, who consecrated Rome's Parthenon to the Virgin Mary and all the Martyrs on May 13 in 609 AD. Pope Gregory III made All Saints' a holy day in the mid-eighth century and moved it to November 1.

According to Catholic, the feast of All Saints celebrates all those who have entered heaven, including saints recognized by the Catholic Church and those who are not..

Then on November 2 we commemorate the faithful departed. We remember those who have died and are suffering in Purgatory or the Church suffering. As Catholic people, we do believe in Purgatory, being explained in a pre-Vatican Second Council dogmatic treatise as "a state of temporary punishment for those who, departing this life in the grace of God, are not entirely free from venial sins or have not yet fully paid the satisfaction due to their transgressions."
The Catholic Church believes that a dead soul has three places to go in, heaven, hell or purgatory. On this November 2nd, people light the candles on their loved one’s graves and pray for their soul. This feast is the commemoration of all the faithful departed. This feast is followed by All Saints Day. The day was clearly announced by Pope Benedict XV back in 1922.

The souls in Purgatory are unable to help themselves by their prayers. However, with your prayers and the holy sacrifice of the mass said for the repose of their souls, the faithful departed in Purgatory will be purified, and enter Heaven.

In this month of November, we also include "Remembrance Day, a day for all Canadians to remember the men and women who served and sacrificed to our country. It is a day we encourage every individual, young and old, to pause, to give thanks, and to pray."

Let us all together our continual prayers, our mortifications, our almsgiving to the merciful and loving God to our loved ones, our grandparents, parents or our friends who have gone and marked with the sign of faith.

May the souls of all the faithful departed can hear God's voice one day:

"Today you will be with me in paradise".

With prayers

Fr. Phinh Do


Please let the office know if your child will be absent or late for class prior to 9:00. We also ask that any changes to after school plans be written in the agenda or phone calls made to the school before 3:00. It is very busy a the end of the day and we want to guarantee messages are able to be given to students before the 3:25 bell goes.

Also we appreciate some notification by phone or to the classroom teacher if your child is being picked up by someone other than the parent or guardian. Please understand that we are not comfortable relying on what students tell us in situations like this.


Please make sure you have picked up the forms from the office to get your Criminal Record Check on file so you are able to help out in classrooms, chaperone class trips and or provide rides for events. Once you have obtained the volunteer forms from the office you will take them to City Hall and pay a $10 fee. From there you will go to the Police Station and submit your forms with 2 pieces of I.D.-one of which must be photo ID. Once the Criminal Record check is complete you can drop it off at the office and your $10 fee will be reimbursed to you.


A reminder to parents that our school Safety Patrol has been on the job for a few months and are at their posts every day after school from 3:25 til approximately 3:45. Although it may mean a few extra steps, we hope that parents will set a good example and show their children the importance of using the patrol for their safety. For the safety of our students and our patrollers , we ask that parents please not park in the designated "no parking" areas. Parking on the yellow curbs makes the job of our patrollers much more difficult. The staff parking lot is for staff only and we ask parents to refrain from parking in the lot even if it is only for a quick drop off or pick up.


Weather can be very unpredictable this time of year. Please dress children in layers and have their articles labeled with their name on them.
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We will be collecting gently used or new winter clothing at the school from Nov. 1- Nov. 15. Please make sure the items are washed before dropping them off to the school. New items are greatly appreciated. Mittens, hats, scarves, warm socks , ski pants, and warm sweaters and jackets are gladly accepted. Thank you in advance for your participation in helping to keep our community warm this winter.
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Stewardship Club is a group where students share their gifts and talents with and for others. In the past we have raised money by creating bracelets and rosaries to sell to students. We donated this money to various organizations which included Interval House, The Lighthouse, Red Cross, etc. We have shared our time by delivering Meals on Wheels, visiting with the people at River Heights Lodge, etc. In the past we have collected books and stuffies to give away to those who are less fortunate. We have painted murals on the walls of the school, and have painted ceiling tiles. This year our goal is to finish making rosaries for each classroom and to do at least one Act of Kindness for others per month, excluding Meals on Wheels. Stewardship Club will meet every week during lunch hour in the Art/Science room, beginning early November until May. If you would like to join Stewardship Club, we would love to have you be part of this group.

Mrs. Sarenco, Mrs. Zurevinski

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We are urging our students to use their designated doors at all time. If you are picking your child up after school, they will be expected to exit through their designated door and meet you in an area of your choice.

As always, students who arrive at school after 9:00am are asked to come through the office entrance, as the other exterior doors are locked.

For the safety of our students, we have encouraged our students not to open locked exterior doors for people they are not familiar with. As a result, we would ask if you are picking up your child or need to speak to your child during the day that you contact the office and we will have your child meet you at the office. Please do not interrupt classes by going directly to the classroom. We ask that all visitors coming into the school sign in at the office as well.


We wish to congratulate Nikita in Mrs. Sheppard's class. Nikita was chosen to represent our school as Fire Chief for a day. He had an awesome day with the firemen!


Girls volleyball practices will be Tuesday at 3:30 and boys will practice Mondays at 3:30. Please see the calendar for game times and locations. Most games are held on Mondays after school.


Save the date!

Come to the BOOK FAIR

November 20 and 21

Parent Volunteers are always appreciated!

Watch your child’s backpack for information to follow

We will hold 2 Book Fairs per year. Keep in mind, we love parent volunteers.:) It ia a great way to come and check out the library, build the home library and help out the school. (note being sent home shortly.)

***Parent volunteers need a current criminal record check and the school reimburses you.

We run a very successful Library Club for students in grades 6 & 7..applications have been send out.

Follow Holy Family School Library on it's web page and on Pinterest, accessible through HFS home page.

Accelerated Reader is a fun and exciting reading program we use in the library. The students read a book and then take a test for points.

The library is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at recesses to take an AR test.

Book Exchange Schedule


Mrs. Wolfe's grade 2/3

Mr. Weiman's grade 7


Ms Fauth grade 3/4

Mrs. Sprigg's Kdg

Mrs. Derenoski's grade 7


Mrs. Sheppard's grade 1

Mr. Wall's grade 6


Mrs. Combre's grade 2

Mrs. Letrud's grade 4/5

Ms. Thompson's Kdg

Ms. Swanson's grade 5/6

Books may also be exchanged every day right after lunch bell.

Rules for borrowing

-each class has a regular time to sign out.

-Kindergarten classes may borrow 1 book

-grades 1-7 may borrow 3 books-1 for home, 1-for school and 1- for fun

-All books are due back 1 week from sign out.

-Fines are NOT charged for overdue books-Replacement fees ARE CHARGED for lost or damaged books.

Yours in Reading,

Mrs Landry



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The grade 2 parents are invited to attend the first sacramental preparation meeting on Thursday, November 28 at 6:30. The meeting will take place at St. Joseph Church. We look forward to seeing you there!


This year our school community council has arranged for us, to sell Co-op gift cards as a playground fundraiser. As you may be aware, we needed to replace both wooden structures on our playgrounds. Fundraising has been ongoing for the past year and a half.

The gift cards come I values of $25, $50 and $100. They are accepted, at face value, at any Co-op in Canada. Co-op will donate 10% of sales to Holy Family School playground fund. Therefore, a purchase of $100 in gift cards will give $10 towards our playground.

Consider using the cards for a large or small renovation, small business purchase, groceries, gas, liquor, FF2, Leisure, or hardware store.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this fundraiser.

Holy Family SCC

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When you pack shoe boxes, Operation Christmas Child works with churches around the world to deliver them to children living in war, poverty and disaster. Each box is a powerful expression of hope, joy and love.

We encourage families to fill a box or two this season. Boxes can be picked up at the school and then they will be picked up on November 12. Please enclose$10.00 in each shoe box to cover the cost of shipping them. Thank you.

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