Leap Into Literacy 4th Grade


Unit 3 Reading History: The American Revolution

In Bend 1 students research the events leading up to the American Revolution. Information will be more difficult in this unit, so scaffolds need to be in place. One way to do this is to give students an overview of their topics through videos.

Videos for Building Background Knowledge:

Unit 3: Bringing History to Life


  • This unit teaches the foundations of research report writing to students.

  • This unit keeps the scaffolds of support in place to help students complete this challenging work as opposed to gradually releasing the scaffolds over the course of the unit.

  • This unit directly supports the fourth and fifth grade New Jersey State Standards and is extremely rigorous.

Important Tips for Getting Ready:

  • Conduct the on-demand before launching this unit to tell you exactly where to start

  • Spend time before this unit collecting engaging, appropriately leveled materials on the topics you are studying

  • Make sure your students have already had at least one week of this topic in Social Studies (The more they know the more the better their writing will be).

  • Find the best mentor texts. They can be powerful co-teachers, especially in this unit.

Readers and Writers Workshop Overlap from TC

This link details the overlap and suggested sequence of Unit 3 in Readers and Writers Workshop. We found it very helpful.

Jamestown and the American Revolution Museum

This is a link to many historical documents and linked lessons on the American Revolution.