News from the 7/8 Core 11.20.15

School Info

Pictures went home in Tuesday folders. Picture MAKE UP Day is Wednesday, December 2nd.

PTA Meeting and 8th grade Trip Meeting - Both are on November 30. PTA Meeting begins at 3:30 in the library, and the 8th grade meeting will begin at 4:30.

Stuff the Bus Clothing Drive please send items through December 18 to benefit the Big Brothers, Big Sister Program. Arkansas Arts Academy will earn 20 cents per pound of clothing that we collect.


Ms. Welch, MATH,

7th grade Pre-AP and 8th grade math have been learning about the Pythagorean Theorem and recently completed a related project. Their work from this project is displayed in the hall, if you are around campus make sure you stop by and check it out. These classes will be taking a test over the Pythagorean Theorem and other related topics this Wednesday and Thursday.

Algebra I has been focused on the different ways to factor polynomials. They have learned to factor polynomials using greatest common factor, squares and difference of squares, grouping, and sums. They will be taking a test over factoring on Thursday.

7th grade math has been focusing on solving equations and solving and graphing inequalities. They reviewed in class on Monday and will have a test over this and related topics Wednesday.

Integer Project Update (all classes except Algebra I) - Rough drafts were due last week and I am seeing a lot of creative and interesting projects. I cannot wait to see the finished products! The next piece that is dues is for the Peer Review on Dec 2nd and 3rd. Students will need to have a mostly complete project for the peer review. They will then have about a week to put the finishing touches on the project before it is due.

**Math tutoring is available each day from the end of school until 3:30.

Ms. Walker, SCIENCE,

We would love to have 100% participation with our Remind feature. If you are not signed up, please consider doing so. This is a great feature in receiving test reminders and other messages. The codes for each class are:

Mrs. Cerna - Language Arts

7-1: @mrscerna

7-2: 807bde

7-3: @807bdeb

8-1: @807bdeb9

8-2: @807bdeb98

8-3: @807bdeb985

Mrs. Jarrett - Social Studies

7 (all sections): @3f5d31e

8 (all sections): @8d674

Ms. Walker - Science

7-2, 7-3: @df87

7-: @e0e64

8-1,8-3: @cadb56

8-2: @a9823

Ms. Welch - Math

7-1: @math7-1

7-2,7-3: @math7-2-3

8-1, 8-3: @math8-3-1

8-2: @math8-2a

After our long Thanksgiving break we will begin new units in both grades. In 7th grade, we will begin learning about matter and elements. In 8th grade, we will be studying cells.


7th Grade: Students have just completed their "Preserve the Great Lakes" project. I saw some beautiful posters, detailed brochures, creative skits, and even a few thought-provoking tableaus. Students did an amazing job working collaboratively to combine their "expert" (either environmentalist, scientist, or geographer) insight to create a campaign. Next, we are discussing urban sprawl throughout North America and its effect on people and our planet. After Thanksgiving break, we will learn about National Parks in the United States and Canada and Migration to the United States.

8th Grade: NATIONAL HISTORY DAY - Students received a yellow piece of paper in their Tuesday folder that shows deadlines for their National History Day project. Parents who attended the 11/10 Parent Meeting received one then as well. The Narrowing Tunnel and Thesis Statement Worksheet should have been completed in class. Several students have completed their bibliography/source notes in class as well, while others have completed them at home. They should all be completed by the end of this week in order to receive credit. Story Maps are being started in class as well to help with the design process of their project. Students who do not finish it in class will bring them home to work on over the break.

U.S. History - We have completed our study of Andrew Jackson and Jacksonian Democracy. Students are writing a persuasive essay based on the question, "Did President Andrew Jackson promote democracy?" It will be finished in class. Next, we move on to Manifest Destiny and Life in the West.


Students should be working on their Tracking My Reading requirements for Quarter 2. Parents will need to initial the Tracking My Reading form to acknowledge the books or poems that students read.

*Please remember that for Tracking My Reading there are lists of books that are accepted for certain genres. Picture Books, Memoirs, Nonfiction, Classics, Arkansas Teen Book Award 2015 are all genres with lists. Check to make sure the books selected are on the list.

*Please make sure that you are signed up to receive Class Messenger and Remind alerts. I have not been using these tools as much during the 2nd Quarter because I have very few parents signed up. If you need help or information, please send me an email at

*7th and 8th grade students have been assigned an hour a week on https://www.iXL/signin/arts for both Math and Language Arts. There are specific levels and sections assigned for each class. This assignment is worth 10 points weekly in each class.