Queen Elizabeth I


Queen Elizabeth's background

Queen Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VIII. She was born September 7, 1533 in Greenwich, England, and died March 3, 1608. She was known as the "The Virgin queen" , was never married, and had no kids.

Queen Elizabeth's Achievements

Queen Elizabeth had many accomplishments during her reign. For example, She established the Church of England. She also colonized and expanded. And lastly, she won the Spanish Armada.


Her policy to solve problems by compromise instead of by war helped her solve many problems efficiently without creating a major war that could cost a lot of money. For example when she created a compromise between Catholics and Protestants. Another policy she had was to try to explore and discover so they could create colonies and gather goods; this allowed explorers such as sir Francis Drake to discover new land, and goods which made England richer

Queen Elizabeth's Aproach to Government

She kept stability in England by making compromises which benefited her country in many ways. She was very cautious, but also indecisive which actually made her a strong Queen. She didn't strongly believe to go to war right away; this made her a conservative Queen.