1E Newsletter: Week of February 14

What's going on in 1st grade!

This Week...

** It's Reading Week!**

Sunday: World Language, Library, Valentine's Day Party, DEAR Time, Guest Readers- Ms. Mindy and Dr. Hawkins

Monday: MSArabic/Explore Time, PE, Music, Guest Writing Expert- Mr. Matt Glover, DEAR Time, Used Book Sale

Tuesday: Art, World Language, DEAR Time, Used Book Sale

Wednesday: Character Dress Up Day, PE, World Language, Guidance, Guest Reader: Ms. Lana, DEAR Time, Used Book Sale

Thursday: Art, Music, DEAR Time, Guest Readers- Ms. Linea and Mrs. Genest, Used Book Sale

Happy Valentine's Day!

A big THANK YOU to Dubraska, Samuel's mom, for organizing our party and to all the parents who sent in treats for an awesome party. Thank you to Daniel C's and Matheus' mom for coming in to help out as well. The students told me "This was the best party ever!"

Elementary Used Book Sale

Monday February 15 - Thursday February 18

Elementary Used Book Sale

Location: Small Breezeway Between the Library and Music Rooms

Time: 7:40-8:00 AM, Morning and Lunch Recess and 2:45-3:30 PM

Book will be 5qar each.

Wednesday: Book Character Dress Up Day

Dress As Your Favorite Book Character Day (Lower Elementary Students Only)

Get creative and come dressed up as your favorite book character! You don't need to go out and buy anything. Check out Pinterest or other online sites for some great ideas. If you don't have anything, print out a picture of your favorite character and pin it to your shirt. We can't wait to learn about some great book characters on Wednesday!


This week in Science we are investigating plant parts (roots, stem and leaves) and what they do:

  • roots
  • exploring plant parts and their functions
  • what have learned about plants?

Upcoming Principals' Coffee

Our next Lower Elementary Principals’ Coffee is scheduled for Tuesday, March 1 at 8:05am in the Elementary School Presentation room. Our Elementary Math Coordinator Mrs. Carol Little will be hosting a session to talk to parents about Math resources that can be used at home to reinforce classroom learning. Parents are encouraged to bring their laptops / iPads to access the resources being presented.

In the second half of this session we will hold our Parent Forum. If you have topics, feedback or questions that you would like to put forth for agenda consideration please e-mail Mrs. Ibrahim our Parent Forum representative at asdelementaryparentforum@gmail.com by 9:00am on February 28. Please specify in your communication, which division your child is in, as Mrs. Ibrahim represents both Lower and Upper Elementary.

Lower Elementary Math Drop In

Our Math Coordinator, Mrs. Carol Little will be holding a Lower Elementary parent drop in / office hour every Wednesday from 2:00 – 3:00pm. Mrs. Little will be available at this time every week to assist parents who need further information about our Math program or who would like help / suggestions with how to support their children at home. It will be held in Ms. Mindy Martin’s office.

Important Information

Nannies and Drivers are not allowed on campus until 2:45pm daily. If you are sending a driver or nanny to pick up your child throughout the school day for an appointment or other reasons you need to let the Elementary Office know by email. Please email Deb Fenley dfenley@asd.edu.qa and Swati Korpal skorpal@asd.edu.qa the following information: Who will be picking up your child, what time they will pick up and the reason for picking the child up and family ID Number which is located on your ID badge.

Gate 5 Entry

  • After 8:00am parents can enter through Gate 5 on days when there are Principal Coffee Mornings, Counsellors Coffee or Workshops and Let’s Do Math Workshops.

  • Parents picking up sick students can enter through Gate 5, the ES Nurses will leave the parents name with the Guard House for easy and quick access.

Friendly Reminder: Homework Routine

Thank you to everyone who has been following the homework and folder routine. Please remember the following:

  • Sunday: sent home- green homework folder with homework, mesh zippy pouch with home reading books
  • Thursday: return to school- green homework folder with completed homework, mesh zippy pouch with home reading books completed

Please let me know if you have any questions!

** Please be sure to send back all books from school when you are done. We are trying our best to keep a good inventory on the books so all the students can enjoy them.**

Collecting Cardboard for Explore Time

We are still collecting cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes/pasta boxes/etc. and toilet paper/paper towel rolls. The students love to build and create things with them during explore time and we are going through them pretty fast. A big Thank You to everyone who has sent items in-- we are still looking for more! Please send in your unwanted cardboard packaging so we can create with it in class!

Upcoming Dates

February 14- Valentine’s Classroom Party

February 14-18- Reading Week

February 23- 2nd Grade Concert

February 26- Friendship Festival

March 10- Trimester 2 Ends

March 17- Report Cards sent home electronically

March 17- St. Patrick’s Day and Shamrock Shamble

March 25-April 4- Spring Break

April- Poetry Month

April 5- Full-day of school, 3pm dismissal

April 8- ASD Fun Day

April 21- Arabic Concert, 7:30pm

April 26-28- Used Book Sale

April 27-28- Student-Led Conferences- Portfolio Day

May 1-17- PK-12 Art Show

May 3- PTA Faculty/Staff Appreciation Lunch

May 8- 1st Grade Writer’s Café

May 12- 5th Grade Play

May 17- KG Music Concert

May 19- Volunteer Breakfast

May 22- No School for Students, Teacher Professional Development

May 24- Full-day of school, 3pm dismissal

May 26- Assistant Appreciation Lunch

June 5- Step-Up Day

June 7- Full-day of school, 3pm dismissal

June 9- Last Day Assembly

June 9- Last Day of School, Report Cards go home