Book Report

Holocaust Literature Circles

For your final project, you will use smore to create a book report. Your book report must include the following:

  • Summary of the book, including title and author

  • At least 4 pictures including captions

  • Your opinion about the book

First, go to Create an account using your school e-mail and the same password you use to log-in to our computers.
You can add text, pictures, videos, and audio. You can change the background and format with the boxes to the right.

Rubric for Project

30 pts: Summary

  • 5-10 sentences

  • Includes author and title

  • Gives information for who, what, when, where, why ,and how

  • Includes beginning, middle, and end of story

  • Gives the most important details

  • Everything is accurate

20 pts: Opinion

  • 2-5 sentences

  • Whether or not you recommend it

  • Who would enjoy/not enjoy reading it

  • Why you liked/did not like it

  • What you learned from it

20 pts: Pictures

  • Pictures must be related to the story

  • Captions are accurate and useful

  • Pictures are well-chosen to match your summary and opinion

  • Placement of pictures is thoughtful

30 pts: Mechanics

  • Correct spelling

  • Proper punctuation

  • Correct use of vocabulary

  • Edited, with few errors

  • Thoughtful design and layout