Bodies Of Water

By:Mara DeValkenaere


Oceans are salt water because they have tons of salt. Oceans are flowing because the water moves. There are five different oceans, the Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, Artic ocean, indian ocean and the southern ocean. Oceans are the largest body of water. Oceans cover 70% of Earths surface. Oceans water can me 2-7 miles deep. Oceans produce 70% of Earths oxygen.


Rivers can contain both salt water and fresh water, but they mostly have fresh water. Rivers are flowing. 65% of drinking water comes from rivers. Rivers are skinny bodies of water. The end of rivers are called mouths. Most rivers begin in hills or mountains. The Nile river is the longest river. The missouri river is the longest river in the U.S.


Glaciers are salt water and they are flowing. End of glaciers are called terminus. Glaciers get tons of snow. Glaciers can be found in Alaska. Glaciers are made of ice.


Lakes contain both kinds of waters. Lakes are flowing. Not all lakes are natural. Lakes have plants and fish in them. If the lake is natural it is made of salt water. Lakes provide drinking water. Lakes get there water from rain.