Play, Learn, and Grow in 4K

October 16th

Literacy Learning

We had lots of fun learning about uppercase letters in small groups this week. Our goal for the first trimester is to identify 5 uppercase and 3 lowercase letters. Each week we will do lots of fun activities like making letters in playdough, playing letter Bingo and hunting for letters around the room to help us learn all these letter names!

During our interactive read alouds we have been listening for who are the characters in the book. Last week, we read Mrs. Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley and got to play in the mud (a.k.a. brown finger paint) ! In the story each animal takes turns rolling around in the mud and saying "Oh Lovely Mud!" We really enjoyed this project!

Big picture

Math Learning

This past week the children were introduced to activities with dot cards and dice. These activities help to grow the ability to subitize. Subitizing is the ability to 'see' a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. Subitizing is a fundamental skill in the development of number sense. I encourage you to play lots of broad games with dice and counting at home!

This week in small groups we counted "pumpkins" and put them on vines using beads and pipe cleaners :)

Social Emotional Learning

Our social emotional lessons this month will focus on how to independently solve problems by using the strategies pictured on these solution cards. Copies of the cards are placed throughout the room and children access them when peer conflict arise. We have also been reading stories about friendship and accepting differences. We are quickly learning how to be kind and respectful friends. Here are some of the solutions we have been practicing:

*Wait and take turns


*Say "Please Stop" or "No, thank you"

*Play together

*Ask Nicely

*Say "Please"


*Get a teacher

Sign-up for a Fall Conference

Click on the link below to sign up for a fall conference. As a reminder, conferences are virtual this year. I will be in contacting you in the upcoming weeks to give you information about the procedure we will follow. I look forward to talking with you soon and giving you an update on your little learner!

Halloween Celebration

The 4K children will be celebrating Halloween on Tuesday, October 27 (afternoon class) and Wednesday, October 28 (morning class). We will be playing games, dancing to Halloween music and making a few special crafts. Children are welcome to show their Halloween spirit by wearing the traditional Halloween colors. If you would like to contribute items like stickers or prizes for games or create goodie bags for the children please let me know :)