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Whirlwind in Wisconsin

The past couple of weeks have been quite crazy for Wisconsin. From every end of the spectrum so much activity has occurred. This week the brand new State Wide Badger 3-8 testing has been set in motion. Its been no walk in the park for both students and educators this week. Badger 3-8 testing has taken place and an exchange of stress among everyone has also. The test was implemented to replace the widely known WKCE. The test is both bigger in length and curriculum. The test also entails a performance task where students are asked to solve a problem and answer short essay questions regarding the test. In all the test is the best alternative for WKCE we have as of now. And it doesn't appear that this is going to change at any time.

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NCAA Championship

As we moved into the NCAA Championship game there was no telling of the results to come. Both teams played a great season, it's no secret Duke is a leading NCAA team, however Wisconsin proved to be a worthy adversary when they beat Kentucky who previously was undefeated. Wisconsin took a fairly hefty lead in the first half, leading by more than 8 points. You could almost hear all the Wisconsinites chanting and celebrating. It wasn't until the second half that the game turned into a real nail biter. Both teams were nearly tied for most of the second half, but Duke took a sneaky lead in the last 5 minutes of the game. Ending with a final score of 68 - 63 Duke was able to take home the Championship Trophy yet another year.

Cowboy Chaos

It was evident to everyone watching that this would be a sight to see. As the cowboy walked out confident as ever you could see the crowd start to sit up and tune in. The music began to play and smiles started to form. The Cowboy began to twirl and spin his rope as if he were weaving a silk web. Then just when you think it couldn't get any better he turns up the heat and performs a few tricks. The crowd seemed amused with the fairly mediocre tricks. However he wasn't done quite yet. He wanted more of a reaction. And boy did he get one. He began doing tricks never before seen. He jumped, hopped, twirl, spun, etc. That's when the crowd was nearly jumping with joy.
Mexican cowboy