Revolution Reload due 3/26 and 3/27

Help to complete your group project

Revolution Reload Rubric

Revolution Reload IB Project Rubric Name _____________________

Criterion: Investigating, Group _____ Block _____ Revolution ___

Thinking Critically, Communicating

This is a group project. Your grade will be influenced by two factors: your group’s overall product grade and your personal participation and effort in the project.

Group Feedback:



Communicating Main Points

Communicating Conventions

Investigation Methods/ organization


Critical POV and connections

Audience Awareness



Project is so limited in scope

Or incomplete that the topic is not covered.


Presentation shows limited clarity and only partially addresses 6 guiding questions and/or review questions limited.

Multiple convention errors impede understanding.

Revolution chosen is vague. Organization does not follow format or task instructions. Check sheet not utilized.

Only one point of view is presented with limited comprehension of the topic.

Presentation includes basic pictures and heavy text without highlights. NO infographic or timeline.

There is a limited attempt to list sources.


Some guiding questions are clear in their points and analysis while others lack complete focus. Review questions are detail oriented not main summary questions.

Some poor use of conventions prevent the ease of understanding for main points.

One revolution is apparent. 4 of 6 questions are answered. Check sheet is not used appropriately.

Multiple points of view presented with limited understanding of topic.

Multiple images or media used with verbose text. Some issues with timeline and/or infographic.

Bibliography is included but insufficient or did not use correct format or reliable sources.


Presentation shows often shows clarity for each question with minor issues in presenting ideas clearly. Review Questions have some main points but others are detail focused.

Use of conventions shows minor issues.

Revolution is clearly explained in at least 5of 6 questions. Check sheet is used in moderation.

Multiple points of view presented with appropriate understanding of topic.

Good use of images and text shows some emphasis of text. Timeline and/or infographic only show minor issues.

Bibliography with at least 3sources (at least 1 encyclopedia) used and cited with minor errors. Sources are quality.


Presentation consistently proves point in each of 6 questions in a clear manner and all main points are addressed. All review questions contain main points.

Conventions are consistently observed

Revolution is consistently addressed well in each of 6 questions Planning and methods are evident through a detailed check sheet.

Multiple points of view presented with strong analysis of all issues involved.

Use of images, infographic and timeline are superior. Text is focused.

Bibliography complete with 4 or more sources and correct using MLA6.

Sources are quality.

Additional Comments Attached. Personal Feedback. Your classmates rated you in the following areas. This is your average rating (1=low 5=high)

Responsibility and Follow-through

On- task behaviors


Works well with others

Overall Score


Powtoon explaining the basic components to your project.

Each group chose a revolution. They are listed below:

1. English Civil War

2. Glorious Revolution

3. Haitian Revolution

4. Russian Revolution of 1917

5. Chinese Revolution of 1911

6. Spanish Civil War

7. Chinese Revolution of 1949

8. Cuban Revolution

9. Islamic Revolution of Iran

10. Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia

11. Indian Revolution (Gandhi)

Remember to use at least 3 resources to research for your group's revolution.

At least one resource must be an encyclopedia. You can use NCwiseowl to use Encyclopedia Britannica. Remember our username and password are BOTH wiseowl.

Scan down now to find links about your group's revolution

For all groups: short information about each revolution. A good place to start gathering info and getting the "flavor" of your revolution.

English Civil War

Glorious Revolution

Haitian Revolution

Russian Revolution

Chinese Revolution 1911

Spanish Civil War

Chinese Revolution 1949

Cuban Revolution

Islamic Revolution of Iran

Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia

Indian Independance Revolution

Project Sheet Explanation

Revolution Reload IB Project Sheet Name________________________

You and your group will use a presentation technology tool (Power Point, Powtoon, Glogster, Smore or another program approved by me), to present information about your REVOLUTION.

Your group will :

a) include the essential events and ideas of your revolution

b) utilize at least 3 sources (cited correctly in a bibliography with MLA 6) including one encyclopedia

c) explain the different points of views of those involved in the revolution

d) answer the guiding questions

e) utilize at least 1 infographic correctly with explanation

f) engage your audience with visuals, correct conventions and grammar

g) complete on time using a plan, organizational skills and participation from all

The Plan:

1. Use your group roles to help divide the work.

2. Plan your work and create deadlines.

3. Complete your research. Check Guiding Questions.

4. Design your storyboard/plan around your guiding questions.

5. Execute your plan. Make sure you have answered all guiding questions.

6. Do a final check of your project.

7. Try to solve issues first in group...then take it to the teacher.

Guiding Questions ( you may want to use this list to organize your storyboard, slides, etc.):

1. Explain the country where your revolution begins (location, people's attitudes, social classes, culture, etc.).

2. What causes this revolution? (infographic may fit well here)

3. What are the ideals of the revolutionaries? Are these ideals ever met?

4. Give a brief chronological timeline of event

5. Who gains the most from the revolution?

6. How was the old order (political, social, economic) changed as a result of the revolution?

Project due on 3/26 (A) or 3/27 (B)

Project Check in and Check Off sheets for groups

Daily Check In on Progress: The four questions

Block and Group/ Date

a. What was your group's focus today?

b. Are you meeting your deadlines according to schedule? How will you fix this if not?

c. Is everyone working on the project productively?

d. Are there any issues the teacher needs to address?

Overall Check-off Sheet

Check Sheet for Revolution Reload Block ___ Group ___Revolution_____________________

Each person has a responsibility:

Project Manager __________________________________________________

Time Keeper _____________________________________________________

Quality Control ___________________________________________________

Data Diva/ Dude __________________________________________________

We created a plan and executed it well. Explain your plan. If it didn’t go well, ALSO reflect on what you would do differently.




How many sources did you use? ______ Did you document ALL of them in MLA 6 format? _____ Do you have at least 1 encyclopedia article(NOT WIKIPEDIA)? _____ Did you include your bibliography in your project presentation? Attach your bibliography to this sheet.

How did we make sure we captured each source? What was our process?

What are 5 essential points that we feel the audience must understand about this revolution?






Choose 3 of these main points to include in a fill- in the blank notes for the class. Email the following items to Ms. Henning (

1. Name of Revolution

2. Block and Group

3. Three main statements with blanks (for class notes page)

4. Answers for the blanks

Did you email all of the items? ____

Did we capture visuals that will engage the audience and help to explain our main points? ___ Explain.

Did we include an infographic? ___

a. Does it have 1 data point? _____

b. Did we include a symbolic graphic?_____

c. Is the graphic resized based on the data?_____

d. Do you have a title and an explanation of the infograph?______

Did we answer each question in depth?

1. 1. _____ 4. ____

2. 2. _____ 5. ____

3. 3. _____ 6. ____

Which question was the hardest to answer? The easiest? Explain.

Have we included the point of views for the old regime and the revolutionaries? How?

For the timeline, did we have at least 5 events but less than 10? ________ Are your labels the true main points of the revolution? _____ How do you know this?

Have we engaged our audience well? What did we do to “hook” them?

For another group project, what would we do the same? What needs to be done differently…and what is a better way? Answer on separate sheet of paper.