NMS Science PLC

November 6, 2014


1. Celebrations :)

2. Tutoring - what are different ways we can facilitate tutoring on Wednesdays to maximize intervention?

3. Link to YouTube channel below - Padlet "How - To"

4. Lead4ward Reporting Category 2 Analysis - facilitated by Lisa Steele


Time: Group will meet 5 minutes after dismissal and work together for 45 minutes

Atmosphere: Relaxed but focused and productive. Student centered.

Productivity: Every PLC or Planning meeting will end in the creation of a product OR a plan for implementation

4 Essential Collaborative Planning Questions

1. What is it we want our students to learn?

2. How will we know if each student has learned it?

3. How will we respond when some students do not learn it?

4. How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency