Year of the Hangman

by: Gary Blackwood

Main Conflict:

Creighton can't decide if he is more loyal to the British or Americans.


Creighton Brown

Creighton is the main character. He is 15 years old and is fighting for the British side, but also helping the Americans.

Colonel Gower

Creightons uncle, he comes and gets Creighton out of Britain and takes him to America. He gets shot in a duel against Arnold.

Dr. Franklin

Creighton goes and works for Dr. Franklin at his printing press. Dr. Franklin helps Creighton a lot. He dies in a fire.


Sophie lives with Dr. Franklin. Sophie is Creighton's friend. She takes care of Creighton when he is sick.


Arnold is Creighton's friend, he fights in the war with Creighton and they go on missions together.


Peter is another one of Creighton's friends, he also fights in the war with Creighton.

Harry Brown

Harry is Creighton's dad, he thought he was dead, but found out he was in jail for helping the Americans.


Creighton and his friends fight in the revolutionary war, the revolutionary war was the British against the 13 colonies of North America. It went from April 19, 1775 to September 3, 1783. The 2 groups were the loyalists (British) and the patriots (Americans)


This story takes place from 1775 to 1783. Creighton starts out in England, but takes a ship to go to Virginia. After he gets to Virginia, Creighton heads for Florida but ends up in Louisiana. Then, Creighton heads back to Virginia.


The Beginning

Creighton lived in Britain, he always snuck away from his mom or caused trouble. Then his mom decided it would be good for him to fight in the army. She made Creighton's uncle come and take him away to Virginia where he starts to fight for the British.

The Middle

He then meets Sophie and Dr.Franklin. He starts working at their printing press. Creighton finds out his dad actually died helping the Americans. The printing press got burnt down and Dr.Franklin was inside. Too much smoke got in his lungs and he died.

The End

Colonel Gower (Creighton's uncle) and Arnold have a duel and Arnold wins, so Colonel Gower died. Creighton goes looking for General Washington and finds his father. Creighton gets shot and finds out that General Washington got hung. He goes back to Sophie and lives there.