Physical Science Assignments

Jan. 13 to Jan. 17

Overview of the Week

You will be finishing up Unit 3 on Forces & Motion by writing the Aha Thesis and Self-Reflection papers for the unit. You will also be starting Unit 4 on Energy.

Monday Jan. 13

  • Thinglink due -- (16 points)
  • Watch this short video to review Forces and Motion
  • At the top of the outline for your AHA thesis (see below) list 3 things you learned or relearned from the video. Don't just copy the summary at the end of the video, put what you learned in your own words!
  • Start AHA outline (16 points) -- due tomorrow You can find the template for the outline on Edmodo.

Tuesday Jan. 14

  • AHA outline due (10 points) - submit with Edmodo
  • Start & finish AHA thesis (you need to have someone proofread this for you and double check to make sure you meet the guidelines - page 7 in notebook) --- Due Tomorrow

Wednesday Jan. 15

  • AHA thesis due (20 pts) -- Submit this to me with Edmodo
  • If paper is late you will lose 5 points
  • Start self-reflection outline (10 points) ---- Again make sure you follow the guidelines on page 8 in notebook.

Thursday Jan 16

  • Self-reflection outline due -- Submit with Edmodo
  • Start writing self-reflection (20 points) --due tomorrow

Friday Jan 17

  • Self-reflection due -- Submit to me
  • Start Unit 4 - Energy & Aha page for Unit
  • Read ebook " The powerful world of energy with Max Axiom" and complete worksheet -- Due on Monday. This book is located on Follett shelf.