Players of the Month


Congratulations to the players of the month!! Your hard work and dedication are paying off and you are CHIEF proud!!



Sydney Doctor- Sydney came into the season ready to learn and with a great attitude. She was one of the first girls to conquer her overhand serve and has been very helpful in our tournaments because of it. Her attitude on the court has been tremendous and she has really stepped up as a leader for her team!

Tyra Thompson- Tyra is our youngest player on the team but she hasn’t let that hold her back. We have watched her learn so much and really come out of her shell throughout the season and she has been a joy to watch! Her can do attitude is really encouraging to the rest of the team.


Bella Duke- Bella is the definition of a go-getter. She goes for almost every ball and is a great example to her team of what it looks like to hustle. Her positive attitude is uplifting for the entire team!

Ciara Dunn- Ciara is our veteran of the team. This being her 3rd year with the Chiefs she has been an amazing example to the younger girls on how our program works. She always helps when anyone is confused and is the first to lead drills when needed. She is an amazing leader for the team!


Mikehla Mclain- Mikehla really stepped up when we needed her our last tournament. When our libero was sick she stepped in and made some really key plays including making her serves when we really needed them. She is always encouraging her team no matter if it’s on the sidelines or on the court.

Ryleigh Simon- Ryleigh had to step up this last tournament when we had a lot of sick players. She played a position she usually doesn’t and did a great job at it. She was positive through out the whole game and was a key part of us winning our games. Her attitude and willingness to learn new things is what makes her a great player.


Paige Brandimarte- It’s be so fun watching Paige improve so much over the season. I’ve seen her confidence grow so much and it really shows in the way she plays now!

Elizabeth Sanford- Elizabeth has always been willing to work in whatever position I place her in. Her usefulness as a utility player has been helpful in some hard situations through out the season. She’s never afraid to ask questions to help better herself as a player!


Anjali Doshi- Anjali has always had a great attitude on the court. She hustles and communicates well with her teammates and that’s what makes her such a good setter. She’s been our setter since day one and has really stepped up to the plate when we needed her to!

Lily Meadows- Lily’s attitude on the court is always so bright. She brings such a good energy to the team with her positive attitude and hustle. She’s been very helpful as our setter throughout the season!

FMTVA 15 Purple-Coach Robyn Hancock


Olivia: Always reliable. A great team player who is constantly reliable day in and day out, not just some of the time. She communicates with confidence, does more than asked,

adapts quickly and easily and displays genuine commitment.

Jacey: Shows genuine commitment, she is openly flexible about new position I have put her in, she doesn’t stay in the shadows. Jacey is always shining through any situation. She is

also reliable and responsible. She actively listens, keeps the team informed, always

ready to help, support and respect others.


Ashlynn: Her No. 1 attribute is her selflessness. She is always accountable for her actions, very

respectful to myself and her teammates. She always has a positive attitude and her

teammates trust in her to get the job done.

Kellsi: Kellsi has improved so much since day one of practice, from her play to her attitude.

Kellsi is extremely bubbly and always asking questions to better herself. She also

shows great strength and character because if she messes up or doesn’t get it right the

first time, she will stay without hesitation to correct whatever the problem is. Kellsi has

grown a lot as a person and player which warrants player of the month. She has taken

on the role to lead during practice and tournaments when calling out cheers. Kellsi

enjoys leading her team.


Javan: Helps the team by using her strengths, clearly understanding her role, and staying

flexible and reliable through practice and tournaments. She is always positive, and

helps others as much as she can. She is very cooperative and willing to work hard, she

has taken on the role of jump serving and thus far she has done an amazing job.

Paris: Paris has proven to be a go getter. She never gives up, she is always asking questions

to make sure she does the right thing. Paris has a sweet heart and her determination is

through the roof. She always shows up to practice and tournaments with a smile on her

face no matter what. Paris has improved over the past few practices and tournaments

as well. She is always hungry for more.


Oliva Bush: She’s focused, powerful and a terrific teammate. Olivia is one of our captains and has displayed her leadership by her attitude, ability, and commitment to the team. She sets the tone as an attacker and is often our kill leader.


Jacey Pollard: I thoroughly enjoy working with Jacey and know what I’m going to get every time she steps onto the practice and competition court – a 100 percent effort, a great attitude, a wonderful teammate, consistency and production. Jacey is coachable and wants feedback. She wants to be pushed and held to a high standard.


Kellsi Johnson: She has great intensity, fire, and team orientated qualities that positively impacted the team in each of our tournaments. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to go the extra mile giving 100%+ in doing what the coaches ask.

Armani Smith: She has proven to be a consistent, open-minded, focused player and teammate and student. She is open to any challenge and always ready to volunteer to help or lead! Armani made the jump to setter - even though we had really prepped her to be a ds – and she embraced the challenge with a smile…and then did an INCREDIBLE job! She really rises to the occasion and makes everyone around her better.

FMTVA 16 PURPLE-Coach Blake Krause


Jenna Fratus-Jenna started our year as a leader by example. She keeps an even keel with her attitude, never getting too high or too low. Her passes, serves, and swings are always consistent and give her team a chance to win every point.


Grace Allien-Grace has been asked to play the most positions on the team. She has stepped in as a setter, played the back row in all three spots, and been a libero. It is a steep learning curve, but she does so with a positive attitude. Grace's versatility was a large part of our playoff victories. She always puts the team first.


Violette Winslow--Violette has made steady improvement on her game. She has used her spot serve to help her team to victory, missing only 3 serves in 6 matches. She always stays calm in stressful situations and her teammates rely on her. She continues to work on her approach and has done a great job of taking feedback and applying it.

March--Za'Nya Alexander: Za'Nya has shown steady improvement throughout the year. Her serve is very reliable and she has improved her jump float to score more aces. Za'Nya plays three different positions in the front row and does a good job of being aggressive at the net. She has worked a lot on her attack timing to keep the ball in front of her so she can drive it down. Most importantly, Za'Nya is one of the best at maintaining a positive attitude. She constantly supports her teammates and keeps the energy up when she is on the court or on the bench.

April--Britni Ward: Britni has greatly improved her setting and serving. At our last tournament she started a match 8-0 with a terrific serve. Her sets are crisper and she has been working on more advanced plays to alter our timing. Britni is a leader on the floor and does whatever is asked of her. She spends a lot of time on her own working on her setting skills. It's been great to watch it pay off over the last month.



Korie Dominick & Nyia Conley


Jamiya Gooch & Keitan Day


Diamond Newsome & Ariayanna Washington


Korie Dominick-She has truly been a pleasure to have on this team. She is the Team Captain and has played several positions, switching from Middle Blocker to hitting in left front. She is willing to do whatever is needed for the team to be successful. Prior years she was not much of a back row defensive player but she has stepped up and sacrificed body (skin) and soul to dig balls whether it’s middle back or the left back angle position. She has truly been an extremely important component to keeping this team meshed together.

JaMiya Gooch-She has stepped up to be an Explosive Blocking Beast. Despite her timid passive personality; She can’t stand losing. Jamaya has worked hard to become a better passer and consistent server. Her vertical jump is unbelievable and she will truly put the ball down when given the opportunity.


Ayuanna Washinghton-She plays the role of libero and setter. She has a great demeanor and has great knowledge of the volleyball game. That’s why she is able to play multiple roles which also requires great leadership skills. Even though being only 5’ tall (if that?:)) , because of her willingness and knowledge she has also filled in positions on the right front when needed. Great Team Player!!!

Julia Brown-She has been giving the role of utility player. She has the heart and desire to play any position needed on the court. She also has strong will to push through difficult times and even sickness. Now that’s dedication.!!!As her coach I truly appreciate her tenacity in the roles she plays on this team . She is a great listener and will do her best to perform and execute the basic foundations skills of whatever is asked of her.



Sydnie Fontenot- Sydnie is a silent leader who has been coming out of her shell and playing more aggressively this season. In our Austin tournament she had 12 kills and no errors!!! Keep up the great work beautiful!!

Mercedes Danrich- Yes she can put the ball away, but she is chosen not for offense. She is doing a great job defensively. She has become more comfortable transitioning and wants the ball to come to her and when it does she can now confidently pass the ball to target. I'm very proud of her growth!!


Breanna Ward- Defensive Beast!! She has been vocal and even talks a little trash and her confidence shows it. She has been a go to player defensively and it is only going to get even better from here on out. Please continue to handle your court business B. IT HAS BEEN IMPRESSIVE!!

Nayla Bazile- Holding the middle bocker position to a high standard is one of our leaders Nayla B!!! This young lady told her team in one of our huddles to give her the ball and she would get us the game and that is exactly what she did. She proceeded to get 2 very crucial blocks and then smashed a kill for the Chief win!! Continue to believe in yourself!!


Alexis Orsot- Leading every great team is a great court leader!! I know I put a lot on you all the time but you are doing a phenomenal job of communicating and directing your teammates in a positive way. It is very rewarding to see you create and execute new plays with your court sisters!! Continue to make us proud!!

Peyton Jackson- A true team player you are!! You have had to adjust to playing Right side and then outside when another player got injured. You have played this entire season injured and I can't ask anymore of you than what you are already doing. We thankyou for always showing up ready to play even though we know you may be in pain. IT SPEAKS VOLUMES OF YOUR CHARACTER AND DEDICATION TO THE TEAM!!


Keia Lopez has been our secret weapon for years!! I am so proud of you and even though you had a stumble this season, I'm proud of you for fighting to get back on the court. I love your leadership, how vocal and positive you are on the court. Congrats and keep up the great work!!

Ariel DeVault is all about versatility!!! It is very rare that I can use a setter, turned libero, switched to defensive specialist, then put on front row( and handles it) and you did them all with a great attitude!! THANKYOU for all of your many contributions to the team. It has truly been an honor to have a player like you who makes my job just a little bit easier when it comes to the lineup. YOU ROCK!!!

Congrats to Tyonna Davis for being a beast on the backrow. I forced you to learn right back and even though I know you prefer not to, you did it well. I appreciate your eagerness to run on the court and take control of your position. You will be missed!!! Job well done