FMTVA 2018-2019

Players of the Month


Congratulations to the players of the month!! Your hard work and dedication are paying off and you are CHIEF proud!!



Mikehla Mclain: Mikehla is a great leader on the court. She loves leading the cheers and cheering on her teammates. She encourages her teammates to try their best and helps them when they’re confused. She has come in clutch during a lot of our games especially with her serving. She’s always the first person to jump in on a drill, shag the balls, and is always eager to grow as a player!


Ryleigh Simon: Ryleigh made some really big plays for us in our tournament this month. She hustled on the court and showed aggression on the net. She is also always one of the first ones to finish during running and conditioning in practice. She always plays with a positive attitude, hustles in practice, is very coachable, and is a great leader on the court!

FMTVA 13 Purple-Coach Ali Way


Hannah Henry: She is both a visual and vocal leader on the court. She is a very versatile player as well. Hannah hustles and gives us her all in any drill, position, and game she participates in.

Lacy Sneed: She has already improved so much this season. She is a very coachable player and has a ton of potential. Lacy works hard every time she steps foot on the court.


Bella Duke: She has proven herself to be a great libero. She hustles and is very coachable. Bella has leadership qualities that influence her teammates to set their standards higher.

Angela Williams: She has made noticeable improvement already this season. She can handle constructive criticism and tries her hardest in every position I place her in. Angela has much potential and I am excited to see where it can take her.

FMTVA 15 PURPLE-Coach Briana Lipkins


Kennedy Barabin: Kennedy has improved a lot as a player. She is very coachable and is willing to learn to make her self better as a player.


Fredricka Holifield: Fredricka started off doubting herself that she couldn’t play defense. All it took was a little motivation and showing and breaking the defense down for her. Eventually she started passing tremendously well defense was improving. She has improved all the way as a player.



Kaylee Sanders: She is the player of the month because of her amazing attitude. Kaylee cheers when nobody else will and her spark is positively contagious. She has been working every practice to make less errors and also accept her mistakes in a more positive way. Congrats Kaylee on being an outstanding leader and showing others how to have a great attitude on and off the court.

Olivia Bush: She is the player of the month because she has shown her abilities to face challenges put on her with a dominating spirit. She has stepped up to play on both the 17 and 18 teams when asked. It is obvious she is striving to enhance her volleyball skills and knowledge at every practice. Job Well Done Olivia!!


Britni Ward: She is player of the month because she has been able to deal with both coaches riding her footwork and pointing out every flaw. We know being a setter is not easy, but your willingness to continue to try to do your best and run your team speaks volumes of your character. Thank you Britni for working every practice to adjust to the many demands put on you. You are appreciated !!

Tyler Carr: She is the player of the month because she is amazing!! She does every drill at 100% and smiles while doing it. She truly tries to perform at her best even when she is getting told to pick up the pace. Having her has been a joy! I love her attitude and willingness to do anything asked of her with zero complaints. Great job Tyler !! You are an excellent silent leader!!



Peyton Jackson: You are truly an amazing athlete. You have taken on the role of hitter, setter, and defensive specialist anytime we need you. Thank you for your dedication the the game!! Thank you for your leadership on and off the court!! You are definitely a jewel.

Diamond Newsome: She has stepped up her fame on numerous occasions when the team needed her in the clutch. She has become more dominating force in the middle and is starting to enjoy the game more. Thank you Diamond for pushing yourself to be a better player.


Gabby Arocho: She has faced several barriers this season both on a personal level as well as on the court. She has grown into and awesome setter who now isn't afraid to try new plays in the game. Thank you Gabby for trusting your coaches and believing in the process. Keep up the great job your are doing!

Janiya Graham: She has come on the scenes and making her presence known as a libero. I know it is not easy playing for a perfectionist coach and I appreciate all of her hard work to make the team better and stronger. She has dug some amazing kills with ease!! You are an inspiration to others of what can be accomplished in a short amount of time is the decision is made to be better. Thank you for being you!!