Digging Deeper into Mastery Connect


Experience Mastery Connect as a Student

Go to student.masteryconnect.com

Type in code: 336111

Student ID: Your Room Number

Questions to think about while completing this bell work:

  • What did you notice while taking the assessment?
  • As a student, what questions do you have about taking a test?
  • As a teacher, what are the advantages of using Mastery Connect?

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

Learning Intentions: To understand how to effectively use Mastery Connect to help drive data-driven instruction

Success Criteria:

  • All things Assessments: Uploading, Creating, Analyzing
  • Tips and Tricks of Mastery Connect

Parking Lot Padlet

As we go through our PD today, if you have questions that come up, put them here!

Pulling Assessment Questions from the MC Item Bank

Watch the video attached HERE for directions on how to use Mastery Connect's item bank.

Use the Padlet to document any questions you have.

Be prepared to move and discuss with colleagues your take-aways.

Big picture

Analyzing our Student Data from Teacher Quiz

Using our guiding questions, let's dig deeper into our data from today's assessment.

Mastery Connect Tips and Tricks

  • Move multi-standard assessments in your tracker by hovering over the assessment name and dragging with the drag, drop, move cursor seen here.
  • MC sets each test to expire in 7 days. You can change how long a test is available for in Assessment settings.
  • Click on the waffle to the left of your name to find the Online PD Center.
  • Download the Mastery Connect Teacher App to use your phone as a scoring device just like GradeCam.
  • A multi-standard test will show up as a new column in your tracker. A single standard test will show up as a number on that standards. Click on the standard to find the assessment.
  • When searching for Assessments in the Community, you can sort by most recent, highest rated, most viewed, most used, and peer reviewed.
  • When reviewing reports and assessments, don't forget the report resets to your class only once you click off of the report itself.
  • Click HERE to view a video on how to input data not gathered through Mastery Connect (Standard Remediation).
Exit Ticket in Parking Lot Padlet

We will finish our session in Padlet.