LINCOLN agenda

END OF YEAR EDITION * Get ready to rest & relax!

Check Out Procedures

Please be sure you have taken care of everything on the checkout list before you leave on Friday. You can check out with Kim or me - whichever one of us is available. If everything is finished, you may be able to leave a bit early! I haven't put in your names yet but I am attaching the spreadsheet so that you can see what is on it. There may be a couple things I still need to add.

Please do not fill this out... This is to be filled out at check out time by Kim or Melissa. Thank you!

Summer School

IREAD-3 Summer School will begin next week in Katie Hegg's classroom. This will run Monday - Thursdays, 8:30-10:00, for Lincoln and Jane Ball students who will be receiving remediation based on IREAD results. The IREAD will also be readministered. This session is from June 15-July 2.

Jumpstart Literacy and Math will be housed at Jane Ball. We should be well underway with our parking lot renovation and playground construction at that time. This session will be held from July 27-August 7, Mondays - Thursdays only. Students who were at or below the MOY cut scores for NWEA were invited to this session. Please see me if you still have questions about student placements for summer school.

What's Happening....

It's a busy final two days of school!

June10 - 9:00 - Staff Volleyball Game

June 10- 5th Grade Social after school

June 10- 2:00 Egg Drop

June 10- PTO Meeting at 3:30

June 11 - 8:05 Case Conference - Melissa, Elizavette, Alyssa

June 11 - Last Day for Students!

June 11 - Kdg. Graduation 12:30

June 11 - 2:00 Moving up Ceremony

June 11 - Dinner at Lighthouse

June 12- Staff Recognition at HCHS


We are saying goodbye and good luck to the following staff members. We will certainly miss all of you!

-Marti Recktenwall

-Sharon Strezlecki

-Amanda Kuhner

-Ellen Purkey

-Ryan Zajdzinski

Additional staffing changes for next year:

-Jen Boer moving from 3rd grade to 5th grade.

-Caroline Koontz moving from 4th to 3rd grade.

We will have new NISEC staff in the following positions:


-Educational Diagnostician

-School Psychologist

Farewell to Carly, Shelley, and John.

Room Changes

Jen Boer's current room will become 3rd grade (unknown teacher)

Marti's room will become 4th grade - Britni.

Britni's room will become 5th grade.

Jen Boer moves to Ryan's room.

High Ability

High Ability letters for K-2 will be sent home via U.S. mail. Students in grades 3-5 who are recommended by parents or teachers will be tested in the Fall.

Summer Hours

The building is not "open" through the summer. You will be able to get into your classrooms about 2 weeks before school starts. I will keep you notified of changes and updates. Please keep this in mind so that you are not frustrated when you can not run in over the summer.
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