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Dec 2: Smithsonian x3D: Virtually "handle" priceless artifacts!

Amelia Earhart's flight suit, a wooly mammoth skeleton, a CasA Supernova Remnant, Lincoln's Life Mask, animal fossils, and more!

Measure, zoom in, rotate, analyze primary source artifacts and even print them in 3D!

Analyze an Artifact

Use the National Archives Artifact Analysis Worksheet and its questions to help kids make sense of the different things they’re looking at – use the online version, print it out and share with students, or mix / match the questions to fit your lesson.

1. Type of artifact?

  • Describe the material from which it was made: bone, pottery, metal, wood, stone, leather, glass, paper, cardboard, cotton, plastic, other material.

2. Special qualities of the artifact?

  • Describe how it looks and feels: shape, color, texture, size, weight, movable parts, anything printed, stamped or written on it.

3. Uses of the artifact?

  • What might it have been used for?
  • Who might have used it?
  • Where might it have been used? D. When might it have been used?

4. What does the artifact tell us?

  • What does it tell us about technology of the time in which it was made and used?
  • What does it tell us about the life and times of the people who made it and used it? C. Can you name a similar item today?
Smithsonian X 3D - Education

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