Support Systems by Frances


The Skeletal System

The skeletal system is the bones of the body.If you didn't have bones you would just be a pile of skin.Bones help keep your body together.Bones are hard on the outside and soft on the inside.The skeleton of a adult has 200 bones.Some jobs of the bones are to make a frame for the body and to keep the parts of the body from getting hurt.The brain is guarded by the skull,the spinal cord by the spinal column and the heart and lungs are shielded by the ribs.The place where bones come together is called a joint.There two kinds of joints.Number one, movable joints that's the shoulders,elbows and knees.Number two,immovable joints,they don't move.The skull is a immoveable joint but not the jawbone.The skeletal system is very important.

Information and pictures taken from world book kids and world book student

Muscular System

The muscular system helps moves the body.The body has more than 600 muscles in the body.Muscles move by getting shorter.Muscles attached to bones move.For example legs,fingers and arms.The heart is made of different type of muscle.When heart muscles are calm blood from the body goes into the heart.Muscles tighten up and then squeeze the blood out again.Its called the heartbeat.The heart beats 70 times a minute.The muscular system is also very important.

Information and picture taken from world book kids and world book student