By: Jorge Adams

Geographic Information

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Where Portugal is located

Southwestern Europe, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Spain

The Area Portugal

total: 35556.15 sq Miles

land: 35316.76 sq Miles

The Climate in Spain

Marine Temperate

cold and rainy in the North

warm and dry in the South

39% of Portugal is used for Agriculture

Chart for Portugal Land

This covers how Portugal uses the land that they have

The Largest Cities in Portugal

  1. Lisbon, Portugal
  2. Porto, Portugal
  3. Amadora, Portugal

Demographic Information

Portugal Population


Population Density= 108.2

Growth Rate is 0.09%

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Urbanized people


Life Expectancy

Male - 75.92 Years

Female - 83.62

World Rank - 49


Adult - NA

People living with Aids - NA

Literacy Rate

anyone over 15 and over can read and write
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Ethnicity Pie Chart

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Cultural Information

Customs and Traditions

Some customs and Tradition that they have are:

  • Religious Festivals
  • They have different types of clothes that are the norm, such as a regional dress that can be found in many places but mostly Madeira
  • Around the end of December and early January the killing and preservation of the pig happens. They then cook the pig into many things such sausage, bacon, ham, and many other things

Family Makeup

as of 2011 it is 2.6 people per house.


Normal clothing just like here in the U.S.

  • Although they do have some regional dresses that are sold in Madeira


The housing in Portugal is like the rest of Europe

  • Portugal has the highest rural population.
  • Over 1/3 of portugal live on farms and not in urban areas


They like to walk outside, going to the beach.

Around the coastlines many activities have to do with the beach and the ocean such as surfing, tanning, beach volleyball and many other things.

Religions in Portugal

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Political Information

Government Type

Republic - parliamentary democracy

They are free just like us but have civil laws

  • their free score is 65.3 (best) which is the best it can be
  • Their press freedom is free but must be 18

Civil Rights Score

  • Portugal's civil right score is 1 (which is the best it can be)

Corruption perception

rank= 28/168


Domestic/Regional Conflicts

Drugs bought from asia, Europe, Latin America, and africa

stateless people - 14

Portugal doesn't get spanish sovereignty on the territory of Olivenza


GDP= 228.6 billion

Ranked 54 in world

Labor, agriculture, industry, services

Labor - 88.3%

Agriculture - 8.6%

Industry - 23.9%

Services - 67.5%


Total - 38.1%

Male - 36.7%

Female - 39.6%

Percent below Poverty line - 18%

Happy Planet Index

World Rank - 97

Happy Index - 38.7