Digital life! Life online.

What would it be like to have an online life?

If you were to have a life online....

If you had to live online in the real world. Every photo you take being liked and disliked by certain people. Did everyone give you a positive comment? Think about what happened online and what would happen if you did this online?

Cyber bullying.

Many people have been bullied before. They've never been thought twice in what the others have said about them or how they have hurt them physical. Online isn't much different. You might think that your safe behind the screen but not everyone can hide. Cyber bullying is a type of bullying that happens online. People can hurt others just by saying mean things about them.
Cyber bullying is a serious problem. Most parents don't know that their child has been bullied. They release to late that their child has been bullied or they release when their child has already been through too much. Some people should be helping their child with their school work, paying more attention to who they have been writing to and if they have been writing to the right person.

What happens.

Many people don't realize that someone close by have been bullied online. Most kids have been bullied before but they never seek help because they think it would only make things worse than before or they are scared about what seeking help might do.
After what they have been through, most victims of the internet feel left out or not wanted. They usually think that life isn't worth living. If there is no one to help them out then they won't really have anything to look forward to. They might think that they are too lonely and that no one really cares about them.

What to do.

We should help others feel welcomed to everything in school or online. We should help people who are being bullied online by being their friend and helping out with what is wrong with them. We should report the bully to an elder making friends with the victim.