Hadar @ Michigan

Engaged Egalitarian Judaism on Campus

Free Pizza!! (And Beit Midrash)

Sunday, Oct. 27th, 5pm

713 W Liberty St

Ann Arbor, MI

Eat free Jerusalem pizza at our house, and learn with a partner, a group, or on your own. We will provide some interesting texts, or you can bring your own or peruse our bookshelves. Text Joel at (206) 251-8332 if you need a ride, or come by Hillel at 4:50.

Michigan Egal Minyan

Saturday, Nov. 2nd, 9:30am

1429 Hill Street

Ann Arbor, MI

Engaging efficient davening • Full Torah reading

Egalitarian setting • Meaningful community

Lunch at Hillel after services

Sign up here if you're coming to lunch, can help make a minyan by 9:45, or are interested in leading davening or reading Torah.

Monday night Shiur (class) with Joel

8pm, Espresso Royale on South U

Classical Jewish texts, modern ideas, free drinks

Learn to read Torah or lead davening

Learn one-on-one with Rachel

How to read: Torah, haftarah, or megillah

How to lead: Any part of the service for weekdays, Shabbat, or holidays

Interested? Email Rachel at umhadarscholars@gmail.com

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