By:Varun Reddy

What is it like

1.snow,wind,and cold mix to make blizzards

2.they have a wind speed of 35 miles(56km) per hour

whats dammaged and injury

1.almost everything will be damaged

2.people can get frost bytes in a blizzard

3.people clear of the snow on the roads

4.people past away

where does it occur

1.New York

2.New Mexico


famous event damages

1.roads were blocked

2.power went of

where does it start


famous blizzard

1.the blizard of 1977

when occurd

1.jan 28,1977


for a blizzard to start it has to be very cold for snow to start falling at least 11 degrees

number info has to be 11 degrees for a blizzard

2.the blizzard of 1977 was -14 degrees