NCVPS French 3

Madame Hardy

Due Dates!

Bonjour les parents! We are finishing up our Week 24 assignments this week. We have been working on Unit 7 and will continue to do so next week. Students are learning to talk about their houses as well as discuss hypothetical situations. Please see the assignments that were due this week as well as those that are coming up next week.

Spring Break!

As you may know, NCVPS does not have a spring break. I will be traveling and I know many of you will as well. I will be flexible with due dates but if students are unable to work due to travels, they should try to work ahead BEFORE they go on vacation, rather than after. We usually only have 3-4 assignments per week so students should be able to work ahead with only a little extra effort!

I will be traveling March 18-26. I will still have phone and internet access so should be able to grade and respond to texts as I normally do with the exception of days when I am traveling!