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Aug 30, 2020

Dear parents...

Dear parents and students,

Time is flying...we are already entering our 4th week! I have been visiting classes and am very proud of the work your students are doing with their teachers- I love seeing the engagement and collaboration between everyone. I have received several parent messages of appreciation for all that the staff is doing and I want you to know that these mean a great deal to us- thank you!

I also want to thank you for the support- 2020 has been an unbelievable year that none of us could have prepared for and we appreciate your faith in us and your support as we continue to come up with creative and engaging ways to give your students a top notch college prep education. Thank you.

One of the questions that looms right now is- when will we go back to brick and mortar school? I will be very open and honest with you...I still don't know. I believe in being straightforward and honest with information and I do not want to give you any misleading or inaccurate information.

At this time, San Jose Schools is assessing the current health situation, awaiting word on the Governor's Executive Order and whether there will be modifications based on the FEA lawsuit, and DCPS reassessment of the reopening plan. We are also awaiting completion of the construction of our building, which will not be done until later this fall. Should we have to go back to brick and mortar school prior to the completion of the building, we are looking at leasing the FSCJ Deerwood campus, less than 4 miles from the school. Families will also have the option to remain on our current live stream virtual instruction.

As soon as I have definite information and updates for you, I will make sure to send it out via our usual channels (app, social media, newsletter/email, phone call). In the meantime, please continue to support your students and their teachers during this time of distance learning. Trust me...we can't wait to be back together again!

We are currently working on open house, a virtual club fair, Senior Night, and many more activities, so stay tuned!

Here's to a great week at San Jose Prep!

Mrs. Knapp


Benchmark assessments begin this week

Students in grades 6th-10th will have benchmark assessments this week in the areas of math and language arts.

These assessments are extremely important as they will indicate where your student is at in these areas. After 5-6 months out of school, it is even more critical for us to gather accurate data in these areas to ensure that we are designing the best instructional plan for your student.


Please help us by speaking with your student and emphasizing that they do their very best in these assessments so that we are able to get accurate data on your student. We will also share this data with you, so that you know where your student is at.

Any support that you can give us with your student in this will be greatly appreciated.

School hours: 8:00a.m.-2:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday

8:00a.m.-1:00p.m. Fridays

Senior pictures

Class of 2021:

Don't forget that you must schedule your Senior pictures through Lifetouch. The deadline for Senior pictures is September 30. Don't forget that we will need your Senior picture for graduation!

Big picture

Senior Class Google Page


Stay up to date with what is happening your Senior year. Make sure you join the /class of 2021 Google Classroom: code rqnmzkc

Fall sports begin this week

Cross country:

Practice starts on Monday at 3pm in the San Jose Primary cafeteria (4072 Sunbeam Rd)

For more information, email Coach Marquardt at


Practice starts on Monday at 3:30pm at JJVA (8457 Western Way). Temperature checks begin at 2:45pm.

For more information email Coach Pacheco at

In order to attend practice for either team, students must:

  • have completed COVID waiver
  • temperature check at the door
  • face mask
  • completed the EL2 and EL3 athletic forms
All athletic forms can be found on our website at:

Parent workshops start this week! See Parent Academy info below

Parent Academy

We will be hosting our first Parent Academy on September 2 and September 9. The topic will be Student Mental Health-Why it is so important?

We will be offering a workshop for high school parents and a workshop for middle school parents in order to focus on issues and strategies that affect each age group. There will two sessions each day to help accommodate your schedule- you may come at noon or at 6pm. The workshop will be held on campus with strict COVID 19 guidelines:

  • participants must wear a facemask while on campus
  • all participants will be subject to a temperature check prior to entering the building
  • a COVID waiver must be signed in order to attend
  • All participants must observe social distancing

To attend our workshops, please sign up using one of the links below.

If you require a translator, child care, or transportation, please email

Food will be provided.

Middle school: Sept 9 at noon:

Middle school: Sept 9 at 6pm:

High school: Sept 2 at 12pm

High school: Sept 2 at 6pm:

Breakfast and lunch...delivered???

We are surveying families to see if there is enough interest in having school breakfast and lunch delivery to your home. We need a minimum of 200 students to participate in order to make this possible.

If you would be interested in having your student's breakfast and lunches for the week delivered to your home, please fill out the following survey:

For more information on school food services, please email

Important reminders for parents

We wanted to remind you of a few important items:

  • When students are in class, they are required to have their cameras turned in so we can verify the student's attendance and participation in the course. If your student's computer does not have a camera, please email to arrange for a Chromebook to check out. Also remember that we take live attendance every class period, so if the student is not in the Google Classroom during class time, they will be marked absent.
  • For students who are starting show potential truancy trends, attendance intervention meetings will begin in the next two weeks. Please make sure that your student is attending all of their classes every day.
  • If you have a question about something in class, the best course of action is always to reach out to the teacher first. Most issues and questions can be resolved through communication with the classroom teacher. If you need to schedule a conference, please email and a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule a conference.
  • Please make sure that your student is completing their work! Although we are on virtual instruction, we still have graded work and deadlines for assignments.

When students are back on campus, we have strict COVID guidelines in place:

  • Face masks are required in order to be on campus
  • All students on campus must have a COVID waiver on file
  • There are daily temperature checks daily prior to entering the building and throughout the day
  • Everyone is expected to maintain socially distant

Is your contact information correct in our system?

We need to ensure that we have all of your current information in our system in order to ensure that you receive all important school information and to facilitate communication between you and your child's teachers.

If you are unsure if we have all of your current information, please email Mr. Cassells at

We need to make sure we have your most current:

  • phone numbers
  • address
  • email
  • Any secondary contacts and their information
Thank you for ensuring that we are able to have great communication with you!

Absence notes

If your student is absent from school due to illness, doctor's appointment or religious holiday, you can complete an excuse note here:

Doctors/medical notes can be emailed to

Test Prep Boot Camp for 11th and 12th graders

If your Junior or Senior needs to retake the ELA FSA or the Algebra 1 EOC, we will be having a Boot Camp on Saturday, September 12 at 9am in the San Jose Primary cafetería. Seating is limited to 50 students due to COVID restrictions. To sign up, students should go to:

On Saturday, October 3, we will be having a Boot Camp for students wanting to prepare for the SAT. This will also be at 9am and breakfast and lunch will be provided. Seating is limited to 50 students due to COVID restrictions. To sign up, students should go to:

Open House 2020

Save the date! This year we will hold a virtual open house on September 16. More details to come soon.

Quarter 1 progress reports

The official mid point in the quarter will be the week of September 7.

Please make sure that you check your student's grades on Focus that week as the grades are in real time.

San Jose Partners- our parent organization

San Jose Prep's parent involvement organization is the San Jose Partners. We love having our parents involved in our school and encourage you to participate. Here is a note from SJP:

Please join San Jose Partners! Memberships are $5 for the 2020-21 School Year: We are the Parent Organization that supports our teachers, staff and students at San Jose Primary and San Jose Prep. Our organization is designed to enrich our school community. The leadership council meets monthly and discusses a wide range of topics including teacher appreciation events, fundraising, support for student activities and meeting the school's needs for volunteers. We also actively provide parent feedback to the administration. Every year, officers are elected by the SJP membership to fill key positions on our leadership council. Follow us on Facebook at Or email your questions to for more information.

Important information about specific courses

If your student has the following teachers, please note that there are some issues with Focus that are preventing these teachers from posting grades. This has been reported to DCPS and they are diligently working on a a resolution. In the meantime, the students' progress can be tracked via Google Classroom or you can contact the teacher directly for questions about your student.

Carmen Vazquez-Robles (middle school math)

John Monsalve (Spanish and SLS)

Carl Griffin (Digital Info Tech)

Counselor's corner

Did you know that we have a mental health counselor on staff and that she is still working with students during distance learning?

Meet Mrs. Bender, our licensed mental health counselor!

Please read her introductory letter below. You may contact Mrs. Bender@

Big picture

Meet the Student Services Team!

San Jose Prep has a full service Student Services team available to assist students, teachers and parents with all of their academic needs. Student Services can assist you with:

  • academic questions and issues
  • scheduling
  • parent/teacher conferences and communication
  • 504s & IEPs
  • ESOL
  • grad tracking and graduation status
  • retention/promotion questions
  • social work services
  • mental health services
  • attendance interventions
and more!

If you need to reach out to one of our counselors, please email and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Student Services Team:

Mrs. Cooley, Director of Student Services

Mrs. Bell, Academic Advisor

Ms. De La Cruz, Academic Advisor, Social Worker

Mrs. Campbell, AP, Pre-AP Coordinator & Assessments

Mrs. Hubbard, Academic interventionist

Mrs. Bender, Mental Health Counselor


Parents- it is very important for all of you to have a parent account to Focus. This will allow you to see your students' grades in real time.

For instructions on how to create a parent Focus account, go to

When you have completed your application for an account, email in order to have your account activated.

Once you have created the account, please allow 48 hours for activation.

Having difficulties? Please contact for assistance.

Attention 7th grade parents!!!!

Don't forget that, per Florida Statute, all students entering the 7th grade must have the TDAP shot in order to attend school!

Please make sure that your student has had their shots and send a copy of the shot record to

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