3-5 RLA Newsletter

April 8, 2016

Hi 3-5 RLA Team,

We haven't sent a newsletter in several weeks due to Spring Break! We hope you all enjoyed your break and have settled back into a great routine. We know you're actively working to implement your data-driven lessons as we push to TNReady Round 2. If you have questions or need support in planning, let us know. We're happy to help!

Please note that May curriculum plans for 3rd and 4th grade were finalized several weeks ago and are posted to SharePoint. 5th grade will be posted by end of next week. Make sure to implement the MAP-aligned lessons at an appropriate time to when you will be taking MAP. Reach out to Krysten if you have questions about May lesson planning or pacing.

Have a great weekend,

Tamlah and Krysten

Guided Reading Tip of the Week

Though Word Study is found at the end of the Emergent, Early, and Transitional lesson plans, Word Study is still very critical to building fluent decoders. If you are confused about how to structure these or what words and/or activities to use, check out the resources in Appendix A of your "Next Steps" text for support! Pages 271-272 give a high level overview and then each page following gives more details. Check it out to support your guided reading lesson planning!

2016-2017 Curricular Plans

We know everyone is starting to get excited about next year. We wanted to share the vision for next year's curriculum:

1. We will continue implementing Engage New York. We are looking forward to identifying opportunities within the program to continue to increase cultural relevancy for our students, but will not making wholesale changes to Modules or texts.

2. We will continue to implement Guided Reading daily using Next Steps as our resource and for guidance.

3. When we revise the curriculum maps and lesson plans over the summer, we will also increase opportunities for authentic writing throughout the year.

Have questions or thoughts? Reach out to Krysten!

Updated TNReady Part II Information

Click the link below to see details regarding question and testing format for TNReady Part II. Remember that the best way to prepare your students for testing is through authentic reading and writing instruction. When our students are great readers, they will be better prepared to take a test! Use the link for your information but remember to continue to push high-quality instruction right up to test day.

April 20th Network PD

Remember that Wednesday, April 20th, will be our next and final network PD day! Expect more support around Guided Reading. Pre-work for the session will be sent out by end of day on Monday, April 11th.

Krysten Wendell

Director of Curriculum and Instruction