10thGrade College&Career Curriculum

Quarter 1 Meeting - September 22nd


Through quarterly meetings starting in 7th grade and continuing until the end of 12th grade, the purpose of College and Career Curriculum is to generate a more educated and informed student. It is my hope is to instill confidence within students by the creation and completion of a well-informed and meaningful post-secondary plan.

Sophomore Year - EXPLORE

The theme for the Sophomore C&C Curriculum is EXPLORE. Through exploring career options and the requirements for those careers, students can have a better understanding of their post-secondary options.

All careers begin with training, however training can be different for different careers. Typically, most students will exit high school and begin career training in one of the following ways: apprenticeships, community colleges, four year colleges, military, on-the-job training, or a trade school.

By exploring careers and the required training for those careers, students can begin to narrow down a few post-secondary options that will fit their needs and wants.

Upcoming College and Career Curriculum Topics

Quarter 2 - Updating your 4 Year Plan

Quarter 3 - Meeting College/Military/Workforce Representatives

Quarter 4 - Important information about your upcoming Junior Year