The Newsletter for SUHSD Beginning Teacher Support

May 2016

CTC re-activates SUHSD's Induction Program

On March 10, 2016, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Committee on Accreditation (COA) re-activated the Sweetwater Union High School District's General Education Teacher Induction Program. Our district is now authorized to recommend teachers to the CTC as eligible to be issued a Professional Clear Teaching Credential. SUHSD teacher recommendation to CTC is based on evidenced mastery of program requirements aligned with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs). SUHSD Induction will partner with SDCOE Education Specialist Induction to provide all candidates a coherent experience.

Supporting all Beginning Teachers

SUHSD Induction will support both interns and teachers with preliminary credentials by matching beginning and experienced colleagues by site and content-area.

Not Your Grandma's BTSA Program

New SUHSD Induction Standards (December, 2015)

"BTSA" (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) no longer exists. In the past, BTSA at the State level allocated money specifically for implementation of a CFASST (California Formative Assessment and Support System for Teachers)-driven induction program. With transition to the LCFF (Local Control Funding Formula), funds previously earmarked through BTSA were rolled into the LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) informing district-level programs to include support for beginning teachers.
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At least 175 SUHSD beginning teachers have enrolled in the Induction program for 2016-17.

Please access the enrollment form via the link here. Note: the form is only accessible to SUHSD teachers with an SUHSD Google Drive account.

Who are our beginning teachers?

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Over 60 Experienced SUHSD Teachers Will Serve as Induction Mentors in 2016-17

What will Induction Mentors Do?

Mentor Duty List (see SUHSD LCAP Goal 4.1.f)**

  • Provide “just-in-time” support for candidates in accordance with Individual Learning Plan (ILP) by meeting with each candidate in person at least 30 hours over the calendar year and documenting these meetings via monthly log. CSTP 1, 2 6; SUHSD LCAP Goal 1.1.c

  • Provide longer-term guidance to promote enduring professional skills. (CSTP 6)

    • Participate regularly in on-line communication via Canvas (CSTP 6.5), posting to discussions at least once each quarter.

    • Participate regularly in on-line communication via email, maintaining weekly contact with both each candidate and program leaders; update site administrator on general nature of engagement with candidate at least monthly.

    • Encourage and assist candidate to connect with and become part of the larger professional learning community within the profession by sharing and exchanging materials like lesson/unit plans, websites, and instructional resources. SUHSD LCAP Goal 1.2.c, CSTP 6

  • Facilitate candidate growth & development through

    • Modeling (CSTP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and feedback on classroom instruction (CSTP 4) to include facilitating the candidate’s observations of mentor and/or teacher colleagues (SUHSD LCAP Goal 2.1.f, CSTP 4) at least three times each quarter with observations of candidate at least twice each quarter

    • Guided reflection on practice through feedback on ILP (CSTP 1, CSTP 6.2)

      • Connect candidates with available resources to support their professional growth and accomplishment of the ILP SUHSD LCAP Goal 1.3.c; CSTP 3.5 & CSTP 6.2; engage candidate in use of data to inform a repeated cycle of planning and instruction. SUHSD LCAP Goal 2.1.f, CSTP 4.3, CSTP 4.5, CSTP 6.2

      • Periodically review the ILP with candidates and make adjustments as needed (CSTP 6.2); engage candidate in analysis of student and other outcomes data. SUHSD LCAP Goal 1.1.e, CSTP 4

      • Help candidate gather resources needed to accomplish the ILP. SUHSD LCAP Goals 1.1.b, 1.4.b, 2.1.g,; CSTP 3.5

  • Participate in professional development and training (SUHSD LCAP Goals 1.1.c & 1.3.c; CSTP 6) for at least four hours each quarter via in-person and online events, paid at extra duty rate

  • Assemble and submit evidence of effective fulfillment of mentor duties (see above). CSTP 5

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