Fraud outbreak!

Keep people from getting your account information!!

More and more this year people have been victims of fraud and we need to spread the word.

Fraud is when someone asks for your account information and uses it for their own personal again.

Types of fraud are when someone emails you saying they are your bank or other account holders asking for your info and having you email it to them.

Another is when you buy something off of the internet or other auction activity and mail or send it to you. Most likely you would get a rock or other heavy object in a box and the sender got all of your money without any stings attached!

To avoid any type of fraud, here is the thing to do:

DO NOT reply to emails with personal info even if it is someone you know.

If necessary, research institutions and look at customer ratings.

And, if it looks too good to be true, just learn more about fraud on the internet and get more information.

Please, spread the word so something like this doesn't happen to you or a loved one!