I am a very strong rain mixed with rapid wind speeds. I rain very hard for a long time. I am formed in the center of a warm ocean. When I am forming the wind speeds can reach up to 74 miles per hour. When the wind speeds get that high an eye forms in the middle of me. The eye caries water to different places depending on the wind speeds. So if you didn't already know from the title I am a hurricane, hurricane Helga that is.

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What I like to do for fun!

For fun I like to watch people swim through the streets of water that I made. I don't know why but it is very fun to watch.

My other friends / weather concepts

Some of my other weather concepts are Rex Rain and Waldo Wind! They are my other concepts because without wind the rain wouldn't be able to blow, and without rain there would be nothing for the wind to blow.

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my favorite movie, color, and food!

My favorite movie is any movie about hurricanes. I like those movies because I star in every single one! My favorite color is blue, because its the color of me! My favorite food is seafood, I get a lot of seafood while I'm forming in the ocean.

something know one really knows about me.

One thing know one really knows about me is I hate destroying peoples homes, and there works, its just something I'm so amazing at!