Slopes Of War VS Gettysburg Battle

By: Gabriella Achiro


In the Book The Slopes of War and on the United States Parks Service's Official Site they are the same in many ways.They both have information on how the war was fought and also the same dates Such as July 1st, July 2nd and July 3rd the days of the battle.In the first day, July 1st the confederate side got there early and took higher ground.On July 2nd,the second day of battle the fighting centered on the southern side of the Union.Also the character in my book,Buck Summerhill fought for the Union side of the war.On Day three the War ended in a Union win.In The slopes of war Buck Summerhill was very happy they had won.


There are Differences from the United States Parks Service's Official Site and the book here are some of them.For example every time there was a new day in the war,the book would always show a map of the battlefield they were fighting on and the website didn't. Also The book had the war from a point of view of the confederate sides and the Unions side and the website didn't but it did explain the wars just not from a point of view and it was easier to understand the book more than the website.