Kindergarten Knightly News

Learning, Loving, & Growing

Looking Ahead

The past couple of weeks have been so wonderful! We have really enjoyed our studies of gravity, day, and night. We got to visit the Star Lab ("the dome") and see what the night sky looks like. We also have really been perfecting our writing.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue studies on addition and subtraction. Our writing will continue to go through the writing process of checking and editing. In addition, our literacy unit focuses on opposites, comparing texts, and long vowel sounds. We will also begin our unit on President's Day which will end with our big program, "A Salute to America!". Don't forget to mark it in your calendar!

100th Day

Star Lab

MLK, Jr. Posters

Gravity and Addition Stories

Things to Know

Spring Conferences

Don't forget to sign up for a spring conference! If you can't attend one of the times, please schedule a phone conference or let me know an alternate date that works for you.

Wish List

Check our list of needed items to see if you can help!

  • large, colorful buttons (Do you have any large buttons laying around in a drawer that we could have? If so, please send them in! Nickel size or larger is best. Thanks!)
  • Hats from the different military branches (We are looking to borrow one hat per branch to use in our program. These would be returned to you after the 16th)
  • headphones (We could use a few more pairs of headphones in our classroom!)

Salute to America

Kindergarten is preparing for our special "Salute to America" program to take place on February 16th at 8:30 am. This is an exciting program where all of Kindergarten will be preforming songs together for their families and in the cafeteria. Please make plans to attend! If you haven't already, please send in the $3.00 donation so we may make an American flag shirt for each child to wear during the program. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Take Home Readers

We will begin sending home our "Take Home Readers" (books in the baggie) again. Please remember to send the books back the very next day because we use the books in our lessons. Use these books to have your child read to you or read the book together. Ask your child questions about the book as they read and have him or her retell you the story at the end. Remember, the biggest component of reading is comprehending the story. Even if your child can read all the words in the book, we are working on comprehension skills such as retelling, predicting, summarizing, character evaluation, and much more!

Valentine's Day

There will not be a Valentine's Day party at school, however, we will still enjoy passing out valentines to our friends and eating a special snack.

On February 14th, we will pass out valentines. Information will come home on February 1st about making a Valentine's box and when to send your valentines to school. For the box, you will need a shoe box or similar sized container. If you would like to buy your valentines in advance, we currently have 16 students.

Code Red Drill

Sometime before our February break, our school will have an unannounced Code Red Drill. (This is the drill to practice if there ever was an intruder that enters the building.) If you happen to be in the school or volunteering over the next three weeks when this drill occurs, please be aware it is just a drill.

School Holiday

This is just a reminder that there will be NO SCHOOL on February 20th-24th.