A Peek Inside Fifth Grade

Mrs. Tuttle

How can there only 8 days left of 5th grade?!?!?! I apologize for the tardiness of this week's newsletter. Apparently, I'm already on Summer vacation!

Thank you again for making this teacher feel special during Teacher Appreciation Week. I can't get over the amount of love you showered me with!

Please help gather any of my library books with the label, "Please return to Mrs. Tuttle." Also, if you have any book titles that your child has read or are too young for your child, please consider donating them to Sutherland.

This week was a oh-so-busy one!

On Monday, students visited their respectful middle school they will be attending in the fall. It was a beneficial event to make your child feel welcomed and lessen the anxiety they may not be sharing with you.

The orchestra and band students worked amazingly hard to present their music at the Ross Festival and District Band Concert. I hope you were able to enjoy their beautiful music.

Thank you again for your support and help in making the Walk Through the American Revolution a great event with the costumes! Students worked hard on memorizing their cards and gathering their props. Thank you for your flexibility and again, for all your help in making this event a successful one.

On Thursday, we thoroughly enjoyed our field trip to the Miramar Water Plant. Students reviewed the importance of water, where it is stored, and how it is treated for human consumption. We learned that chemicals, not harmful of course, are added to water to help clean it and make it safe for consumption. Great field trip!

There was a wonderful opportunity for those students who had already been GATE certified from last year. They visited the Colombia Memorial Space Museum in Downey on Friday! Although they returned late, the experience was well worth the Friday traffic. How exciting!

I thank you for your support of Sutherland Elementary and Room 5 this year. I'm proud of your children and the amount of work they have put into this year. I'm confident in their ability to thrive and make a positive impact in the next chapter of their education. Please make sure to check in with me as I'd love to keep in touch and hear all the successes your child is experiencing in middle school.

Mrs. Tuttle