Early Ojibwe - Susie Monson


Ojibwe women

In the summer, the Ojibwe women planted corn, pumpkins, squash, and potatoes. These food varieties were very important for their nutrition, and was most of the food they had. Sometimes they have more than enough food to eat. So they would dry it and save it just like we do today. When the women were not tending to the crops, They were turning to the more wild foods, like fruit.

Ojibwe Lacrosse

In the summer, Ojibwe people played lacrosse. It was a team sport. They would play in field with spectators. The players had long sticks with a pouch at the end. They used that lacrosse stick to hold and catch a ball. The ball was leather and heavy. Men and women both had teams. Whatever tea put the lacrosse ball through the goalpost, won.
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