Teaching English to young learners

by Maíra and Madalena

3 First Steps

When you are going to start working with Young Learners, the most important thing is think carefully about your class plan. Like any student, you should think about their background and how they can learn and have fun at the same time.

Here it goes the first 3 steps to start planning your class for YL:

1- Think about your students. Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they may like?

Everything you show them will certainly be absorbed and used in their lives outside school. Be careful with the content of your class but also think of actual useful things.

2- Visual adds and fun activities.

Kids learn a lot more with visual adds than only with texts or reading. The same thing can be taught in two different ways and have two completely different results. Also, kids love playing! Always think of activities which they can learn and also have fun.

3- How can they use these new informations in their world?

Always think that your students need to actually use these new informations in their world. How is this world? Think about things that they can relate to and that can be used in their every day lives. For example, asking if someone likes something.