Barbara Ann Corcoran

Life of a famous entrepreneur


Barbara Corcoran is an investor, a speaker, syndicated columnist, consultant, television personality, author and a succesful business woman. She is mostly known for being on ABC's TV show "Shark Tank".
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Her Life...


She was born on March 10th, 1949 in New jersey. She attended St. Thomas Aquinas Collage. She wasn't very smart in school, and by the time she was 23, she has gone through 20 jobs, but in 1971, she got her degree in education. She was a teacher for one year and did other jobs around New York. Later she got a $1,000 loan from her boyfriend and with that, she started the "Corcoran Group". The "Corcoran Group" was a real estate business. By the mid 1970s she publish the "Corcoran Report". By 2001, her business got bought by NRT Incorporated for $66 million. Later she became a "Shark" on "Shark Tank".

Right Now

She is now an investor in "Shark Tank" and goes to many real estate events.

Net Worth and Contributions

Barbara Corcoran's net worth is about $80 million.

Barbara made millions of donations to many people(Not much information about the organization that was donated to or amount).


SUCCES maginzine March 2013 "What Drives the Mogul and Shark Tank Star"

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