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Thames Valley Vasectomy

Looking for vasectomy service? Thames Valley Vasectomy Clinic is offering the best service for you

Population control is a major issue in today’s world. People are gradually being educated about the necessity of birth control but most cases female sterilisation process is more practised. There is a general apathy about the male sterilisation process that is “vasectomy”. Though according to experts vasectomy is easier and less complicated yet men are not interested in vasectomy as they are guided by various misconceptions.

Vasectomyis nothing but a surgical method used for male sterilisation. In this process the vas deferens of male reproductive system is tied or sealed so that the sperms can be prevented from entering seminal stream at the time of ejaculation. This prevents the fertilisation of ovum by the sperm and stops formation of zygote, the first cell of the foetus.

As vasectomy is gaining popularity as a simpler, safe and sure method of sterilisation, a few vasectomy clinics are coming up with vasectomy services. In UK, one of the most specialised vasectomy clinics is the Thames Valley Vasectomy Clinic. The Thames Valley Vasectomy service offers the no-scalpel NVS Vasectomy which is far more advanced than the conventional method of vasectomy. Conventional method includes cutting and stitching of the tube where as in case of NVS vasectomy doctors make only a small opening which heals quickly. As no stitching is needed, NVS vasectomy results in less bleeding and less discomfort and less pain. Chances of infection and hematoma are also much less than conventional method of vasectomy.

Thames Valley vasectomy is performed by one of the most experienced doctor who has dealt with more than 3000 cases. He is assisted by efficient stuffs. So you are assured to get the best vasectomy servicefrom Thames Valley vasectomy clinic whenever you decide for sterilisation.

UK citizens are also getting the facility of NHS vasectomy which is a system for providing a free vasectomy service to the inhabitants of UK. For getting vasectomy NHS the interested person need to get a reference from local GP by producing justified vasectomy reasons and enlisted himself for vasectomy on the NHS. Then he is required to go through the public health care system and consult his surgeon regarding the sterilisation method

The surgical method for vasectomy is so simple that the operation takes 30 minutes to complete and the person need not to be hospitalised even. But it should be kept in mind that like any other surgery vasectomy also results in some side effects. Even the no-scalpel vasectomy can cause bleeding and blisters. Moreover remember that vasectomy is a permanent method of sterilisation and reversal is costly and sometimes it is physiologically impossible.

Many websites are there to provide you information related to vasectomy. Online registration for vasectomy service is available.