Tamika Ward Introduction

All About Me!

Hello fellow classmates and instructor my name is Tamika Ward. I am from Nacogdoches, TX. To help some a little more with where that is located, the town I grew up in houses Stephen F. Austin ( SFA) State University. I consider myself to be very family oriented.

I graduated from Nacogdoches High School in 1996 and letter returned to Angelina college in Lufkin, TX and received my Associates in Child and Family Development. After working in childcare at a local daycare I accepted a position with Nacogdoches local Head Start agency where I worked as a teacher for nine years. Within those nine years I also attended Stephen F. Austin and received my Bachelors in Child and Family Development in 2010 then earned my first Masters from Ashford University in 2014. Which bring me to my second Masters which I am pursuing.

I have one daughter Day'Zjah, who just entered into her first semester of college. Yes, a Freshman who is attended Prairie View A & M University on a softball scholarship. I have spent many years traveling with my daughter playing softball. I have always liked the sport of softball but fell in love with it all over again ( I played in high school) when I saw my daughter on the field...and she plays way better than me.

Born in raised Undra Ward (my mother) I am the second oldest of four girls. I have three sisters: Makesha, Shuwanda and Angela. Also, I have six nieces ( Tayloe, Cierra and Nyla) and nephews ( Darrin, Dillion and Kameron).

I just recently started a new career with Harris County Education Department as assistant center manager of a Head Start Agency. With this position I relocated to Humble and it is also close to my daughter. My plan was to still be able to watch my daughter compete in softball at a college so the move happened right on time.

As previously stated I love watching softball, in my free time if I'm not watching my daughter play softball( when the season is in) or cheering her on pretty much in anything she is involved in I am shopping with my mother.

Professional Goal

One professional goal for me would be to obtain my second Master's and take my certification to be a Special Education educator and maintain a job teaching and educating online courses. I believe a great teacher should want to educator children. I want to teach them, inspire them and educate them. I believe getting this degree will help me to implement changes that students may need as well as incorporate new and old learning styles.

The Quote- In my opinion the quote means you will do whatever it takes to gain more knowledge and to get educated. Certain situautions call for people to not be able to attend school. This quote shows that there are some hard workers that want to achieve more.

My Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge right now is managing my time with a new job, a new town and new procedures. I multi- task pretty well but I also take measures to check my workers and their duties as well. I love working with children. Each one, teach one. For nothing is impossible with God.

Luke 1:37