Industrial Revolution

Kennedy McGaha

What was the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britian and was a time period that brought steam and coal powered engines and factories. The time period also brought dangerous ways of living.

Working Conditions in Factories

Factories were not the best places to work. The only light present was the sunlight that came through the windows. Machines spit out smoke and in some factories, workers came out covered in black by the end of the day. There were an adequate amount of machines without safety precautions. This resulted in many accidents. Child Labor was also used in the factories. Children were placed in adult situations. Some children even died from black lung disease and from the factory machines catching them.

Chiquola Mill Strike

People in the mill were tired of unfair working conditions so, they decided to hold a strike against the people that were over them. That day was called Bloody Thursday. Seven people were killed and thirty more were wounded.