The Secert Message

The Story Of Emily Geiger

ginerel greene had know body to take the message.

In 1781, when British Loyalists battled for control of the South Carolina backcountry, General Nathanel Greene, commander of the Continental Army in the South, needed to get a message to General Thomas Sumter. As the British army lay between Greene’s and Sumter’s camps, eighteen-year-old Emily Geiger volunteered to ride through the dangerous enemy territory to deliver the special message. Riding night and day alone through British lines, she was captured near the Congaree River by 3 Tory soldiers. While they went to find a "matron" to search her, Emily read the message then tore it into little pieces and ate it. Finding no message, the soldiers apologized and sent her on her way. The following morning, Emily set out for General Sumter's camp, where she delivered the message.