Winter Reads

A flurry of book ideas to gift & explore during Winter Break

Winter break is a great time to sit back and relax and maybe catch up on some reading. Here are a few ideas for you!

Do you want some expeditions?

Looking for a little adventure from the safety of your own sofa? Reading about explorations in the Arctic and other cold climates always helps keep me warm.

For titles that may catch you in suspense or at least make you grateful for the heat in your house, take a look at the options on our "Frozen" book display.

The best of 2014

Looking for more great reads or great gift ideas?

Take a look at one of these for ideas and suggestions:

Try this faculty flurry

If none of those titles appeal to you, check with your peers. The library asked adults around the library (faculty, staff, Aerie, tutors) for book recommendations. Ideas from greats like Sam Sullivan, Sue Azar, Dan Miller and Connie Pesce are posted for all to see on the bulletin board by the elevator.

Borrow an eReader or eBook!

We have lots of titles available in e-format and you can borrow one of our many Kindle devices over the break to read some of these. Overdrive titles and Kindles are the perfect travel companion as they store many books in a small amount of space. Contact the library if you would like to be put on the list for this winter break.