Society without Laws

If there were no laws, then there would be a lot of crime. There would be people roaming the streets, doing bad things to people who are just going about their business. If there were no laws, there would be no speed limits, and no police men so most people would be driving as fast as they want, passing with no care for other people around them. There would be many parties going on with many people, teenagers and younger, drinking and doing drugs, which could potentially ruin their lives in the long run. People would be running wild: not working, stealing from businesses, and stealing from family, friends, and neighbors. No one would have to answer to anyone so there would be no one in charge, no one to make and enforce rules.

If there were no laws, people would be happy at first, because there is no one to tell them what to do, but later, they would start to go back to the way things were many years ago, when there were fights all the time, with no one to break the fights up. There would be a lot of heartache because people could kill other people and have no consequences. There would be people who become crazy and decide to terrorize people, just because there is no one to stop them. It would be a difficult time to live in. People would become very unhappy with how their lives are going.