Week of May 18th...

LA Staff News

Weekly Calendar

Monday: Staff Zoom--9 AM

--IS your PDP and UOI submitted?

--Do you have enough PD hours for this year? (You'd have an email from DAC if not.)

--Check email periodically this summer. Who knows how quickly things may change for fall!

Wed/Thurs/Fri: Student Access to LA

Wed: 2-4

Thurs: 12-2

Fri: 10-12

IF you are able to be in the building during this time to assist students, please let Melissa know so that I know we are covered!

Friday: Grades due at 11:00!

Building Access for Students

A few students have shared that they have something at LA that they need to pick up before summer. In order to create a safe environment, students should follow the schedule below if they need to retrieve anything from Liberty Academy. The designated dates/times are assigned to students by the first letter of their last name.

Building access for LA students to quickly retrieve items before summer:

Wednesday, May 20th from 2:00-4:00: Last names start with A-I

Thursday, May 21st from 12:00-2:00: Last names start with J-O

Friday, May 22nd from 10:00-12:00: Last names start with P-Z

Notes for families:

  • We recommend students wearing face coverings such as a cloth mask if possible. See the Surgeon General tutorial to make a mask from home in 30 seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPx1yqvJgf4

  • Everyone entering the building needs to follow the social distancing guidelines.

  • The student should be the only one to enter the building. No siblings or parents in order to limit contact.

  • For those needing to pick up medications, please contact 736-7777 to arrange for pickup with district security at the District Administration Center.

  • Seniors will return laptops at the home high school on the designated date/time on THURS/FRI.

Farewell, Eddie!

Well, I think we would all agree that your role is certainly one of the hardest at LA!! Build a relationship with our students, but don't make your room a place they want to go to!?! Sounds like an oxymoron! Such a fine line and we all recognize that!

We appreciate your willingness to do whatever was asked of you! You were able to be the calm in the storm---heck, even a hurricane, and that takes a lot of composure! Now it's your time to find your calling! Thank you for your service to Liberty Academy. We wish you the best of luck! Keep us posted on your next steps, and don't be a stranger!

Thank you, Lori!

Thank you, Lori, for everything you have done for the students and staff at Liberty Academy! You love to help (duh, counselor), and your heart for helping added value to everyone's work at LA. Even when it looked like a dead end, you would say "Let's think about this differently" and offer a plausible solution. Your attention to detail, knowledge, and whatever it takes attitude was a benefit for all. Many memories including BJ-T, sticking up for the pan$y@$$ principal, dog poop in the office, fixing the copier with needle nose pliers (ahem, and being forever willing to get me through the 1-2 and 2-1 copying), and approaching a homeless student to offer help in the park on a Saturday afternoon are just a few that will never be forgotten! In fact, "We'll just call you, LOOORI!"

Best wishes in your next chapter of life. Don't be a stranger! We wish you well!

Summer School

Summer School Details
This plan is always subject to change. Highlights of the plan include:

  • Our high schools (Grades 9-12) will offer virtual classes for students June 1 - 26, 2020. This will include online credit recovery opportunities for students.
  • Liberty Academy will have the option to continue Odysseyware in the summer session. IF students do NOT sign up for our summer session, their OW progress will be archived. PLEASE talk to your advisories THIS WEEK!! A parent or the student must email melissa.norris@lps53.org to get signed up for summer session.