How to do volume

volume of a prism=Bh


Volume-Determines how much an object can hold-inside-measured in cubic units-units-ft cubed,meters cubed,and inches cubed.

How volume works.

Well volume is simple all you have is a variety of formulas, like the formula of cone 1/3*3.14*r^2*h. The way it works is that in a problem it will give you a radius  and the height which is the r in the formula, and the h is the height. For example if the radius is 5in and the height is 12in the formula would be 1/3*3.14*5^2*12. the ^2 symbol stand for you have to multiply the 5 by itself.

Example problems

volume of a cylinder

the formula is 3.14*r^2*h. So if I use 3.14*6^2*8 the answer would be 904.32. If I used the formula of sphere the formula is 4/3*3.14*r^3, if the radius is 14 you would cube not square the number so the formula would be 4/3*3.14*14^3 so the answer would be 11488.21333. Thats a long answer but if you think of doing construction you better start get used to big numbers.
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How you can apply this to everyday life situations?

We can use this method whenever we volunteer to help build businesses,homes,schools and etc. we can use this for a project. This is how volume is applied to the 21st century and for an even longer time hopefully.
Volume of a Cone - Examples 1, 2 and 3