Come to Athens!

Don't go to Sparta, I hate those guys.

Be part of the fairest government in all of Greece!

Here in Athens, we use a type of government called a democracy. With this, all citizens have the right to vote and help make decisions for our polis. There are a few parts to the government, for a part called The Assembly, you need to be a free male over the age of 18. To be in a part called The Council of 500, all you have to be is a citizen! Pretty easy, right?


In Athens, we believe in art, education, and luxury life. We make detailed sculptures and paintings, something that Sparta doesn't do very well. Education is also something we do much better than Sparta, we educate our children so they can achieve the great futures that they want.

We worship Athena: God of wisdom

Live the good life


Do you even have a military? Yes, it is just not as strong as Sparta's.

Who is stronger, Athens or Sparta? Obviously Athens!

What types of architecture did you have? We carved beautiful pictures into walls and we had the world famous Parthenon, an old temple that was dedicated to Athena.