The Tundra

Brenda Lovett

Tundra Facts

The Tundra is at the top of the world near the North Pole. Most animals have to be adapted to handle how cold the weather is. The temperature can go down to -60 degrees (Fahrenheit). The weather is also very cold most of the year. So water is unavailable for most of the year.

Animals of the tundra

Many animals live in the Tundra. The tundra is very cold and can reach to negative temperatures. Some of the animals that live there are the Polar bear, the Arctic fox, Sled dogs, Gyrfalcons, Snowy Owl, and the Caribou.

Plants of the tundra

Usually the plants in the tundra have to grow very close to the ground because usually the soil is frozen. The lichen, one of the plants that grow in the Tundra, is the favorite food of the caribou and the musk oxen. Also many plants in the tundra have dark red leaves.

Did you know?

Did you know the Tundra is the second most deadly environment in the world? The Tundra is also considered the coldest of all biomes. Therefore only the top layer of soil can grow. Which is why plants have to be low to the ground.