Planet Hoops on Neptune

Only Ballers Allowed


  • This planet is 8th planet from the Sun
  • It has 14 moons
  • Temperature is -201 degrees Celsius
  • It was discovered in 1846
  • Orbit Distance 30.14 AU
  • There are 5 known rings
  • Orbit Period 164.79 Earth Years
  • It was discovered by Johann Galle & Urban Le Verrier
  • 5 Notable Rings
  • Equatorial Diameter is 49,628 km

There is water the air is cold and hot sometimes it can change.

I think that you should practice in the heat because in the cold the creatures start to come out and they are hungry all of the time.

Some of our best ballers are Kyrie Irving, Allen Iverson, and ME

Guaranteed to make you good at basketball.

Frequently Asked Questions

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