The Docs' Empire

The Rising and Falling of Papa and Baby Doc

Papa Doc

Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier, Former President of Port-Au-Prince Haiti, Born April 14, 1907 and died April 21, 1971. Papa Doc Had the title ''President for life" he was president from 1957 to 1971. He attended the University of Haiti School of Medicine in 1934 and the University of Michigan in 1944. He married Simone Ovide in 1939 and had Four children, Marie-Denise, Nicole, Simone, and Jean-Claude.

Baby Doc

~Born July 3, 1951.

~Died October 14, 2014.

~Attended the University of Haiti.

~Michele Bennett.

~2 Children, Nicolas Duvalier, Anya Duvalier.

~In office from April 21 1971-February 4, 1986.

~He was Overthrown by the people of Haiti.

what i learned from this unit

I learned that Papa Doc and Baby Doc were cruel leaders that hated anyone that was any darker then them and i learned what they did to families and children. I learned how to do research and find things more easy and how to find things i can legally use.