Biography about Aashir Raga

By Liza Strelkovska


My partner is Aashir Raga, son of Naveed who is a lawyer and Angela. Aashir is also a big brother to a little guy name Mustafa who is 7 years old. Growing up in Pakistan where he was born May 26 2002 which currently makes him 13years old.


aashir has lived in Montréal and Pakistan but currently lives in Mississauga, Ontario . He attends The Valleys Senior Public School graduating the year of 2006. Aashir has always wanted to live in California los Angeles, in that warm sunny state, and also wanted to travel to Dubai and the busy state known as New York.

Academic Strengths

Some people are strong in the Academic subjects like math and science, but Aashir's academic strengths are and history in French. He has always wanted to be a CEO of a big company where he could make this company stronger and of course he wants to be rich

Likes and Dislikes

A lot of people may dislike basketball or some type of food, but Aashir hate washing the dishes and having to play with his brother. He says he doesn't have the time and that it's only a waste of his time. In his free time he likes to play hockey with his brother and go to the mall with his friends to hang out get food and get games.

If only...

If Aashir had the chance to skip middle school he would help his parents in the house. He would want to travel to Japan and of course go skydiving. He also would create a famous dessert which would be called "LuLuLu", it would be ice cream with yogurt on top of layer of brownies with a cherry on top. I hope that you have found Aashir's life pretty interesting and one-of-a-kind, now I hope you know little bit more about Aashir Raga.